What Item Do You Not Leave The House Without?

Lately I have been reading what people think is essential to have when they are fishing. So, I thought I’d go ahead and ask some of our Cajun Custom Rods ® pro staff, as well as our CCR® staff what they think and here are their answers…


Jon Vroom: needs his polarized sunglasses so he can spot submerged structure, and when fishing those Lake Michigan tributaries he can spot salmon and steelhead, or those musky and pike up in the Northwoods!

Bill Bostic: doesn’t leave home without a quality rain suit or two. Living in the midwest he’s learned that the weather can catch you at any time and it’s best to be prepared!

Zsolt Takacs: the simplest answer of all (thanks Zsolt!), a great pair of scissors to cut braid with.

Clay Shidler: says his Minn Kota Trolling Motor is his number one! His area of the gulf has loads of estuaries that require stealthy movement and a good trolling motor gets his clients to those premium spots quietly!

And then I asked Jaesen. I asked for his one go-to item. What I got was a shopping list. Maybe he’s hinting around for Christmas, but his list consists of: boat pliers, spare boat key (how many times have you left it or dropped it?), spare fuses (or you can call your wife to bring them to you), braided line cutters, pocket knife, fishing rods, lures, bait, fishing license, electrical tape (for when it all goes to pot in the middle of the lake), duct tape (when you need to channel your inner MacGyver), hat (although he usually comes home sunburned anyway!), water, snacks (which his kids eat before he can even get hungry), GPS or map, cell phone (to call the wife to bring you spare parts, tape, keys, pick up kids who are bleeding, etc).

So what’s your number one item to take on a fishing trip???