Trout Trigger Whacking Walleye and Pike?

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     Cajun Custom Rods® has been on the move recently, hitting the industry with several lines of rods designed for a variety of applications. Though the rod series differ from each other in respect to their designs and applications a common thread can be found in their quality, durability, and versatility.

     The Cajun Trout Trigger™ is no exception. The Trout Trigger™ is designed with inshore anglers in mind, specifically, speckled trout anglers. Speckled trout have a very light bite so sensitivity is paramount, but so too is having the backbone to enable powerful hooksets and in turn to bring the big specks … you know, the GATOR TROUT, to the boat. The Cajun Trout Trigger™ is built on a proprietary Cajun Custom Rods® blank designed to give you both of those things. The rod blank is blended from the finest USA intermediate and standard modulus carbon fiber enabling the rod to possess those critical traits that make a great speckled trout rod: super lightweight, crazy sensitive, “hang a brick on the rod powerful,” and priced right.  The trout trigger is certainly #1 in any top ten list of inshore fishing rods … editor’s choice and best of the best!

     I have no doubts that any speckled trout angler will love the Cajun Trout Trigger™ but when I picked it up my mind went to a different species … walleye. I personally field tested the Cajun Trout Trigger™ against the lightest of northwoods biters using several techniques, the primary technique being vertical jigging. The walleyes were so lethargic that they would only take a jig if it was actually touching the bottom. This meant that to be successful the angler had to find the bottom with the jig, take up enough line to remove the slack while not actually lifting the jig off the bottom, and then still be able to feel the bite of a walleye. It was not easy and would have been impossible without the Cajun Trout Trigger™ and sensitivity that the rod provided. While other anglers struggled to even find the bottom in the rough choppy water, the Trout Trigger™ let me know exactly where the jig was and what was happening down there. The result was a limit of walleyes every time!

     As for the backbone of the rod, it handled the walleyes just fine … and with plenty of room to spare. But any northwoods walleye angler knows that where the walleyes are there are bigger toothier fish as well. A decent sized Northern Pike will test the power of a rod much better than a walleye and the Cajun Trout Trigger™ did not disappoint when the game was on the line. I was able to get a very solid hookset and then weather several drag scorching runs from pike between 30” and 34”. While these are not trophy pike by any stretch they proved that the Cajun Trout Trigger™ can handle anything an angler can throw at it.

     Cajun Custom Rods® strives to give its anglers the utmost in quality and value in every rod it produces. With a retail price of $129.99 the Trout Trigger™ is evidence of that. When compared to competitor’s walleye rods (St. Croix $230-$270, G Loomis $260-$410, and Abu Garcia $150-$180) it is easy to see that Cajun Custom Rods® is the pinnacle of 100% Made in America quality and value for fishing rods. Americans work too hard for their money these days to overspend on inferior rods. No angler will regret purchasing a Cajun Trout Trigger™. Made in America, at a price that won’t get you thrown out of the house, these rods are made for the long haul. And you will immediately understand that with Cajun…there are none better!

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- Jon Vroom
Cajun Custom Rods®, Inc.