Here’s what our customers and anglers are saying


- David Hunter Jones
-Assistant Editor, B.A.S.S. Times
-Gear content editor, Bassmaster.com



- Jonathan Gortney
Avid Recreational Angler
Burnsville, North Carolina



- Dr. Eric Froehling
Avid Walleye Angler
Wishek, North Dakota



- John W. Van
LA.Woods & Water Guide Service
West Monroe, Louisiana
Web: www.lawwgs.com



- Casey Bruce
Avid Recreational Angler
Erie, Pennsylvania



- L.C. Cheramie
Avid Recreational Angler
Brandon, Missippi



- Dean Helmick
Avid Recreational Angler
Plattsmouth, Nebraska



- Don Traweek
Avid Recreational Angler
Houston, Texas



- Martin Sain
Tournament Angler
Lake Kissimmee, FL



- Marty Hughes
Owner, KayakJak’s Outfitters
Guide & Avid Recreational Angler
Southwest, NE



- Nitin Goel
Avid Recreational Angler
Baton Rouge, LA



- Ryan Weber
Avid Recreational Angler
West St. Paul, MN



- Sean Prosper
Friend & Avid Recreational Angler
Prosper, TX



- Coach Mike Hughes
Plano West Wolves Football Head Coach
Avid Recreational Angler
Plano West, TX



- Kerri Wenerick
Avid Recreational Angler
Mechanicsburg, PA



- Kelly Manuel
Spouse & Avid Recreational Angler
Eunice, Louisiana



- Rebecca Holifield
Spouse, Avid Recreational Angler
Gonzales, Louisiana



Here is a link of my rod on their gallery if you would like to check it out: http://www.cajuncustomrods.com/gallery/

- Jason Paul
Avid Recreational Angler
Cajun Custom Rods® Pro Staff
Boerne, Texas


- Jim and Austin Cagle
Avid Recreational Anglers
Cortland, Illinois


- J.B. Graf
Avid Recreational Angler
Atlanta, Georgia


- Ms. Theresa McCollum
Spouse of Avid Recreational Angler
Pampa, Texas


- Mrs. Stacy Gardner
Spouse of Avid Recreational Angler
Dallas, Texas

We got the rod today and I don’t know how well you can see the rod and him wearing the hat, but he loves his rod!

- Mr. & Mrs. Gee
Spouse & Avid Recreational Angler
Benbrook, Texas

I just used my two new rods from y’all and caught a few bass. These rods are great! Thanks!

- Mr. Benji Duhon
Avid Recreational Angler,
Kaplan, Louisiana


- Miss Stephanie Liptak
Fiancé of Avid Recreational Angler
North Bethesda, Maryland

I got the Rods off the front porch just now, opened them up and they are beautiful … The White Perch Gun is AWESOME and a FINE WEAPON! It goes perfect with my New Boat and I am getting a better feel for the rod each trip only to say it is “Awesome, Ultra Sensitive & Very Expert.

- Mr. John Van
Louisiana Woods and Water Guide Services
West Monroe, Louisiana

On May 18th I received my first handcrafted rod from Cajun Custom Rods® and finally put it to the test. It is a model CB 704-1. This custom rod is amazing in every way and the workmanship that went into this finished product is second to none. I am absolutely in love!!! I actually fished 3 different techniques with it. It is as light as a feather and does cast for a mile!! I fished with Chad Eisenhauer from my sponsor from Black Dog Jigs and let him try it as well and he was equally impressed. Thanks As Always!

- Mr. Tim Clark
Cajun Custom Rods® Pro Staff
Canton, OH


Well, I got to fish with my new cranking rod this past weekend and enjoyed it! We found a shallow crankbait bite that was terriffic! At first all I could seem to connect with was shorts in the 10″-13″ range, finally, after commenting on wanting to see how the new rod performed with a 3 – 4lb fish, I caught 3 in the 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 lb range. This rod is everything I had hoped it would be – light, good fit, casts extremely well (even with 15lb mono) and loads up nicely with big fish. The loading up or handling under load was a big concern for me and the CCR® stood up extremely well! The backbone is perfect – not too light, not too stiff, just right! Just today, I actually caught 3 today in the 4 – 7 pound range, all on my CCR® cranking stick! Awesome! The feel and handling of this rod is second to none!

- Mr. Bill Bostic
Cajun Custom Rods® Pro Staff
Foristell, Missouri


I had an opportunity to use my new custom rod on Sunday … I caught one largemouth and absolutely thought the rod was fantastic. It even exceeded my expectations, which were pretty high. The casting distance with the lighter lures I was throwing was exceptional and the sensitivity was top notch not to mention that it looks like a million bucks. The reel seat is perfect – it is exactly what I was looking for. I can’t think of one thing I would have done differently with the design of the rod.

- Mr. Joe Strumberger
Avid Recreational Angler, Omaha, NE

I love my CCR® rods! They’re lighter than any other rods I own and I have a hard time switching to my other rods! My Cajun Custom Rods® look fantastic and when it comes to rod performance … well, let’s just say there’s nothing like fishing custom rods that you design for your own fishing technique and style … a rod that is handcrafted, tuned, and balanced for you! There’s no doubt, I am sure thankful for the sensitivity of the Cajun Custom Rods® I fished as they helped me navigate multiple ‘soft-bite’ bass that I wouldn’t have caught on any other rod … and not just feel them, but let me set the hook on each and every one of those fish and put em’ in the boat! When the stakes are high and the pressure cooker is on ‘full blast’ … especially in these type of tournaments, you definitely want a fishing rod you can always count on … and CCR® provided me just that … a winner every time … ! Thanks CCR®!

- Mr. Skylar Hamilton
Cajun Custom Rods® Pro Staff
Big Stone Gap, Virginia

Skylar Hamilton

- Mr. Neil Prater
Avid Recreational Angler, Chandler, AZ

I love my new Cajun Custom Rod® and am amazed at how easy it was to visually design my rod online. When my rod arrived it was perfect – like opening up a Stradivarius. I now find myself tying on every lure to my CCR® rod – it’s my ‘goto’ for anything I cast for those Louisiana largemouth!

- Mr. Chip Bower
Avid Recreational Angler
Monroe, LA

Chip Bower

I will say that I have been very pleased with the level of customer service provided by CCR®. Their quick response time, level of professionalism, and attention to detail is unmatched by other rod companies. I wish you the best of luck with the rod company and truly appreciate your contribution to our chapter.

- Mr. Ryan Therrell
San Gabriel Chapter of Coastal Conservation Association
San Gabriel Texas

As the 1999 Louisiana State Champion Auctioneer, I had the unique pleasure to offer at auction two Cajun Custom Rods®. Not only were those rods the finest quality that I have ever seen … but also I have never had any fishing rod fetch the amount of money that those two customized rods brought that night … in my 21 years of experience … not even close. All I can remember is the two fishing rods were the highlight of the charity event … the people were going nuts and everyone wanted those rods – it was a feeding frenzy. My only regret is that I wish there was a third rod that night … so I could have gone home with one of my own! Now that their online … I can. Thanks CCR® – you guys rock!

- Mr. David Ackel
Avid Recreational Angler
Austin, Texas