What Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes??

Here at Cajun Custom Rods® we know that having the proper pair of shades can make all the difference in spotting fish in the water. If you’re like me, a blue eyed gal, you probably wear sunglasses most of the time anyway. Without glasses I find that I get horrible headaches, due to the sensitivity issues those of us with light eyes normally have. But, when out on the water, not only is it a good idea to protect your eyes from the UV rays, but that water can sure magnify the light and make it even harder to see what you are trying to catch. Personally, Jaesen and I both wear Native sunglasses, which carry a lifetime warranty. Me, because they are lightweight on my head, yet protect my eyes wonderfully. Jaesen wears them because he can see everything in the water whether the sun is shining or it’s hiding behind the clouds. There are many choices of sunglasses out there and you can always grab the first pair off the sports store rack. Just know that they can vary in prices from $10 to several hundred dollars. This year Costa del Mar was named winner of Best Sunglasses at ICAST, and they carry a lifetime warranty. You can choose from a wide array of colors in both lens and frames and they normally run $160 and up. The most important thing is really to make sure that they are comfortable on you, block those rays, and stay on your head.