Valor™ Series (7’6″ MHF Cast)

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Introducing the Valor Series™ fishing rods for 2016 : “We honor those who serve with Valor!”  At Cajun Custom Rods®, we understand service (veteran owned and operated) and as part of our commitment to excellence and American service traditions, we’re giving back to the community with a portion of proceeds from the sale of every Valor Series™ fishing rod to service oriented organizations.  Yep – you fish a Valor Series™ rod and you support America not once, but twice … once by fishing Made in the USA and twice through our donation back to the community!

OK, so you like the idea right?  Now how about some info on “why” you should be fishing a Valor Series™ fishing rod.  First, we start with our Cajun Fiber X-Treme™ (CFX™) carbon fiber and graphite rod blank.  Our CFX™ rod blanks  consist of a our multi-wall rod blanks with power sections and precision rod tapers to provide not only an excellent platform to maximize the leverage needed to control your catch, but also provide exceptional sensitivity and accuracy with each long range cast and retrieve.  Keeping aligned with our proprietary recipe of our CFX™ intermediate modulus carbon fiber and graphite blends, we’ve upped the ante and have now created the ultimate in “best in class” 7 foot 6 inch rod series on the market.  Weighing in at less than 4 oz total rod weight, we know you’ll be armed to fish all day, and effortlessly with your new found confidence in a fishing rod.

When you start with the best ingredients …. build from scratch in the USA … well, the result is simple: “Pure fishing zen!”  The Valor Series™ represent the legendary fishing performance you’ve come to expect of a Cajun Custom Rods® … slammed with lure-launching and accuracy you deserve to fish!  Did we mention that each Valor Series™ fishing rod (and all the Cajun rods for that matter) are individually handcrafted in Jacksonville, FL … and that each rod blank is meticulously engineered and handcrafted in Woodland, WA?   That’s right, our Cajun Fiber X-Treme™ (CFX™) carbon fiber and graphite rod blanks are made in America by Americans for anglers across the world!

No matter the fish species you target, the bait you precisely aim, or the technique you’ve honed over the years … one thing remains true … sport fish like trout, bass, louder, and redfish are ornery, tough, and you need a rod that can feel the bite and fight em’ all the way to the boat. Our Valor Series™ rods are designed to stack your deck with one of the meanest rod tapers, reactive rod tips, and strongest hook sets on the water!  You’ll have the confidence that not only are you going to feel the lightest of bites, but you’ll have the raw power to hammer down your hook-sets, and turn em’ with controlling ease to your net.  Designed in a split grip with foregrip configuration, the Valor Series™ rods are the #1 inshore and freshwater fishing rod in America!

Cajun Custom Rods® designed the Valor Series™ rods to enhance your fishing arsenal and land fish in comfort!  Each Valor Series™ fishing rod is fulcrum-balanced, tuned, and precision-aligned on our proprietary Cajun Fiber X-treme™ (CFX™) rod blanks and leverage the following technologies:

  • Engineered, Designed and Handcrafted in Jacksonville, Florida – Proudly Made in the USA
  • Cajun Custom Rods® NINJA™ split grip handle system design = less weight, better balance and enhanced rod sensitivity
  • Premium Duracore™ EVA (with High Density Cork Inlay) contoured rear grip = dense, durable, comfortable
  • Cajun Custom Rods® PowerBump™ butt cap and foregrip (to protect your assets coming and going)
  • Casting Reel Seat: solid-body Fuji blank-through graphite = durable and keeps your finger in touch with every vibration
  • Spinning Reel Seat: American Tackle AERO solid-body graphite = power-palm with ergonomic designCFX™ Smooth Taper-Transition™ (STT™) technology = ultimate in vibration pick-up/rod sensitivity
    • We’ve cut the barrel and reduced another 10% in weight to optimize your hand positioning and spinning reel seat mounting – let’s just say this is about as “perfect as a spinning reel seat gets”
  • CFX™ Smooth Core Micro Lattice rod tube engineering = light weight, big power, sustained durability
  • CFX™ Integrated and Reinforced Linear Carbon fiber design = reactive hook sets
  • CFX™ Intermediate modulus graphite = unparalleled rod balance
  • ALPS™ stainless steel (SS316) rod guides = Durability + Overall weight reduction + Enhanced sensitivity
  • World-class ALPS™ alum-oxide ceramic guide rings constructed with Recessed Ring Deign (RRD)  = handles any mono, fluoro, or braid effortlessly
  • Cajun’s stainless steel hook keeper = simplified drop-shot design
  • Lifetime limited warranty backed by Cajun Custom Rods®

For generations, Americans from all walks of life have served with Valor to support, defend, uphold, and protect our great United States and our Constitutional Freedoms.  In honor of those who have served with intrepidity, courage, and spirit, Cajun Custom Rods® proudly introduces the Valor Series™ fishing rods to deliver epic fish catching and fighting capability on your next angling excursion.  Valor Series™ fishing rods (casting and spinning models) are engineered around our hard-core Cajun Fiber X-treme™ (CFX™) 7 foot 6 inch intermediate modulus rod blanks, wrapped in “Purple Heart,” designed with only premium rod components, and meticulously balanced and tuned – ready for your next fish-catching experience!

“Fish a Valor Series™ rod and you’re certain to win your next watery engagement with confidence!”

Valor Series™ (Casting): VLR-903-MHF-C ROD SPECIFICATIONS:  7’6″ | Medium Heavy Power | Fast Action | 6-12 lbs | 1/4-1/2 oz

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