Trout Trigger™ Spinning Rod – 7′


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Feel that ever so subtle “tick, tick, tick” nibble from either a freshwater or saltwater trout fishing rod on our single piece 7′ Cajun Trout Trigger™ line of trout fishing rods and you’ll know you’ve got every bit of power to set the hook, control the fight, and land the trout trophy of your dreams!  With a light action rod tip that is perfect for streams, lakes, and inshore trout fisheries while fishing Powerbait™, light spinning lures, light jigs, twitch lures, spinners, maribou jigs, and small tackle – the Cajun Trout Trigger™ is designed from our proprietary blend of American Made graphite fibers (33 and 42 million modulus) and these spinning rods are made to be super-sensitive and power-lift your trout-fishing confidence. The Cajun Trout Trigger™ offers the perfect blend of weight versus power versus sensitivity … and best of all … versus price! This is a value trout series of rods that is certain to serve up enhanced performance for both fresh and inshore anglers alike, so they are armed with the best trout rods available for trout that demand finesse, accuracy, and that ever-so-delicate presentation. Designed to launch 1/16 to 3/8 z lures, you’ll have the spinning cast distance to get your lightweight lures exactly to the strike zone … and then feel every subtle tap from your rod tip to your fingertips. Even better, the Cajun Trout Trigger™ is designed with ample backbone to ensure you can drive the hook home, control (and turn the trout if needed), and get them to the landing net in a flash. Your confidence will soar as you admire those silver rainbow sidewalls or spotted iridescent sides dangle froom the end of your lure! Each Cajun Trout Trigger™ trout spinning series rod features a bomb-proof but cap, a full length Portuguese cork rear grip, a full-bodied barrel spinning reel seat with matching cushioned hood (black), and leverages premium ALPSTM SS316 spinning guides. Additionally, we’ve ensured each rod guide train is rigged for performance, precision-tuning each guide by hand and using our proprietary low profile set-up which reduces weight, provides a more stable line-to-ring pass through for longer casts with lighter lures and tackle, and significantly increases overall rod sensitivity. It’s simple … less weight is more sensitive. Perfect for flats fishing, kayak fishing, boat fishing, wading, or plain ol’ just wetting a line … anyone can improve their trout tally and enjoyment on the water with the Cajun Trout Trigger™ series of rods. Experience the best budget-conscious, feather-light, super-sensitive, and power-packed trout rod in America for those silver flashes of excellence beneath your rod tip. Each rod features premium Portuguese full cork handles and solid American hand-crafted precision to deliver the best inshore or freshwater trout rod your hard-earned money can buy (at 2/3 less the price of its nearest competitor)!

“Feel the tick, tick, tick … and let er’ rip with your Cajun Trout Trigger™!”

  Cajun Trout Trigger™ CTT84-LF-S 7′ ROD SPECIFICATIONS: 7′ | Light Power | Fast Action | 4-8 lb | 1/16-3/8 oz

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