2016 Savannah Series™ (7′ HF Cast)

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Adding to the line-up of our Savannah Series™ fishing rods, we introduce the 2016 Savannah Heavy Series™ fishing rods with two new models for 2016 (both casting and spinning rods) rated in the 15-30 lb class.  We know you’ve seen what our Savannah Series™ rods can do on the water in the 8-15 lb class … so you know that the Savannah Heavy Series™ (at 15-30 lb rating) is ready to handle whatever you can catch … an then ask for seconds!  Keeping aligned with our proprietary recipe of both Standard and Intermediate modulus carbon fiber blends, we’ve upped the ante and have now created the ultimate in USA-crafted flippin’, pitchin’, spinnin’, crankin’, wormin’, chuggin’, plugging’, burnin’, popping’, and punchin’ 7 foot series fishing rod on the market.

Priced $75-100 less than the nearest competitor, the Savannah Heavy Series™ rods are lighter, more sensitive, and deliver the pinnacle of powerful performance – simply stated, the Savannah Heavy Series™casting rod has more bang for your hard-earned buck and the durability of an iron-clad.  Noticeably stronger and more powerful than any other 7′ Cajun rod, the Savannah Series™ carbon fiber/graphite blended materials have been the cornerstone of our product line for many years. Cajun’s blended rod modulus (backbone enhancing standard modulus graphite and high tensile-strength Intermediate modulus graphite … mixed with carbon fiber) allow Cajun Custom Rods® to use as much as 25% less material than a comparable blended rod, creating a very dramatic reduction in weight while maintaining extraordinary sensitivity and best of all … a backbone to truly power hook-set on the big ones.  No matter the fish species you target, the bait you precisely aim, or the technique you’ve honed over the years … one thing remains true … sport fish like bass and redfish are ornery, tough, and you need a rod that can feel the bite and fight em’ all the way to the boat.

Our Savannah Heavy Series™ Casting Rods are designed to stack your deck with one of the meanest rod tapers, reactive rod tips, and heavyweight hook sets on the water! Weighing in at just over 4 ounces, our 7′ Savannah Heavy Series™ casting rods are designed to be fished using the most popular bass fishing techniques to cover water and target your prey.  Drag a lizard or grub, bounce a tube, slide a shaky head, pitch a jig, flip a craw, cast a crankbait, swim a spinnerbait, crawl a worm, jerk, twitch, bounce, drag, spin, skip, or throw your favorite bass lure … you’ll have the confidence that not only are you going to feel the lightest of bites, but you’ll have the raw power to hammer down your hook-sets, and turn em’ with controlling ease to your net.

Our Savannah Heavy Series™ Casting Rods are the lightest and most powerful rods engineered on American Graphite (yep, prepared right here in good ol’ USA!) with a Heavy Power backbone and a Fast Action rod tip to feel the future of your next bite while you’re out on the water. Your Made in the USA, 7′ Savannah Heavy Series™ casting rod leverages a proprietary blend of American made graphite fibers (blended in all the right places) so you’ll never have to worry about having enough leverage to tangle with that big bass out there (you know the one, buried deep in the salad or sitting’ on the thermocline or sitting in ambush for its next meal). Offering technique-specific tapers that are dialed in to allow for a range of bait and fishing applications, the new Savannah Heavy Series™ Casting rods are designed in a split grip (with full foregrip configuration) using: the finest 4A Portuguese cork with High Density Ends (to protect your assets), a bomb-proof Fuji® ECSM blank-through casting reel seat (with matching, cushioned black hood), and hand-tuned ALPS stainless steel guides with silicon carbide rings.  New and improved, the Savannah Heavy Series™ Casting Rods deliver that same unbelievable finite sensitivity that our Made in the USA Cajun Custom Rods® are known for … and in an entirely new package ready to “Whup some @$$ on the water!”

The Savannah Heavy Series™ casting rods are the lightest, strongest, most sensitive bass fishing rod in its class … and even better, at a price that we can all afford!  Finished in a Bayou Moss Green color, our Savannah Heavy Series™ casting rods are absolutely stunning!  We know our rods, we know fishing, and we know that the Savannah Series™ rods are the #1 inshore and freshwater fishing rod in America!

“Hang on to what ya’ momma’ gave ya’ … cause you’re going to need it all when your hanging’ on to the catch of a lifetime with your Savannah Heavy Series™ fishing rods!”

Savannah Heavy Series™ (Casting) - CCR-S844-C-HF ROD SPECIFICATIONS: 7′ | Heavy Power | Fast Action | 15-30 lbs | 3/8-1 1/4 oz

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