2016 Savannah Series™ (6’6″ MHF Cast)


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We know that when you’re out on the water, you want (and deserve) a fishing rod that you can depend on … and you want power, you want rod sensitivity, you want a rod that is light and won’t wear you out when targeting that largemouth bass lunker – and we know that a good fishing rod shouldn’t break the bank either.  So we bring to you our 2015 line of rods that meet each of the above requirements, intro our “Savannah Series™” of casting rods in two lengths to meet your fishing demands: 6’6″ and 7′!

From Minnesota to Maine, Michigan to Tennessee, Alabama to Oregon, one thing remains true … bass are ornery, bass are tough, and you need a rod that can feel the bite and fight em’ all the way to the boat.  Our Savannah Series™ casting rods are deigned with a Standard and intermediate modulus blend, crafting the best of both graphite materials to stack your deck with one of the meanest rod tapers, reactive rod tips, and heavyweight hook sets on the water!

Weighing in at 3 ounces, our Savannah Series™ 6’6″ casting rods are designed to be fished using the most popular bass fishing techniques to cover water and target your prey.  Drag a lizard or grub, bounce a tube, slide a shaky head, pitch a jig, flip a craw, cast a crankbait, swim a spinnerbait, crawl a worm, jerk, twitch, bounce, drag, spin, skip, or throw your favorite bass lure … you’ll have the confidence that not only are you going to feel the lightest of bites, but you’ll have the raw power to hammer down your hook-sets, and turn em’ with controlling ease to your net. Our Savannah Series™ casting rods are lightweight, yet powerful rods, engineered on American Graphite (yep, prepared right here in good ol’ USA!) with a Medium Heavy Power backbone and a Fast Action rod tip to feel the future of your next bite while you’re out on the water.

Your Made in the USA, 6’6″ Savannah Series™ casting rod leverages a proprietary blend of American made graphite fibers (blended in all the right places) so you’ll never have to worry about having enough leverage to tangle with that big bass out there (you know the one, buried deep in the salad or sitting’ on the thermocline or sitting in ambush for its next meal). Each Savannah Series™ casting rod is designed in a split grip (no foregrip configuration) using: the finest Portuguese cork with High Density End (to protect your assets), a bomb-proof Fuji® blank-through casting reel seats (with matching, cushioned black hoods), and low-profile Fuji® guides tapered into a micro guide train set-up (precision-tuned by hand).

The Savannah Series™ casting rods are the lightest, strongest, most sensitive bass fishing rod in its class … and even better, at a price that we can all afford! Finished in a Bayou Moss Green color, our Savannah Series™ casting rods are absolutely stunning! We know our rods, we know fishing, and we know that the Savannah Series™ casting rods are the #1 bass fishing rod in America!

“If you’re in search of a true American Classic fishing rod, designed from end-to-end for landing largemouth … at an affordable price … then you’re gonna’ love fishing the #1 bass rod in America, the Savannah Series™ !”

Savannah Series™ (Casting) - CCR-S780-C-MHF ROD SPECIFICATIONS: 6’6″ | Medium Heavy Power | Fast Action | 8-15 lb | 1/4-1 oz

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