Hella-Bomb™ Casting Rod 2016

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Redesigned to be the biggest, toughest, and meanest 100% graphite, 8-foot, made in the USA fishing rod on the market, we have taken the Hella-Bomb™ series of fishing rods to a whole new level of “Bad-@$$!”  Meticulously engineered, our 2016 Hella-Bomb™ series of fishing rods weigh in at approximately 6 ounces and are truly the “fish-landing, 30 lb class surgical machine” you’ve been seeking.  Yeah – 8 feet might seem like a lot in a rod, but when you’re targeting double-digits in crystal clear water … you better have a rod that can range your casts out that far (’cause the extra 25-30 yards is going to matter when it comes to catching em’).  Sure, 8 feet might be more than you’ve ever fished in a rod, but when you need to go deep and get er’ down to where the monsters lurk … any rod less than 8 feet just doesn’t get you there, much less keep your lure in the target zone.  Yep – 8 feet seems like a hell-of-a-lot-of rod … but when it really comes right down to it … trust us when we tell you … “Size does matter.”

Rolled on USA Intermediate modulus graphite and carbon fiber, the 2016 Hella-Bomb™ 8-footers are the just fish-kicking’ thunderstick you’ve been hell bent on to go long, get down deep, hook-set with pride, control the fight, and give you the confidence to know your next hook up will shed a little sunlight on your prey when you give em’ a free boat ride on the surface. Designed to throw, launch, crank, chop, plug, walk, wake, dive, ride, twitch, pop, and bomb … you’ll have the confidence to cast big baits for bigger freshwater beasts and inshore Poseidon’s with your Hella-Bomb™ series rod.

Your dreams of firing away with medium, large, or even oversized deep-diving crankbaits such as the Norman DD22, Bandit Series 700, Alabama rigs, and topwater chugs, plugs, and wake baits are answered because the Hella-Bomb™ series gets you there … keeps you there … and then keeps on dishing out the good stuff. We’re fanatical about fishing rod quality and performance and our rod blanks are no exception. It’s no secret and we’re not shy about letting folks know that we build Hella-Bomb™ rods on Cajun Custom Rods® Cajun Fiber X-Treme™ (CFX™) rod blanks … pre-pegged, rolled, baked, sanded, and delivered to you … Made in America, by Americans, for anglers all over the world!

We offer “match fishing” for your rod designs by matching your technique, your rod designs, American-engineering, and CCR’s meticulous rod-building standards. Engineered from our USA Intermediate Modulus high strain rate graphite, these rods are half the weight (yes 50% less) than a similar power fiberglass rod blank or competitor’s graphite rod blank.  Each leverages Extra Heavy Power and a Fast Action rod tip allowing for the bump, inhale, gulp, and grab … ultimately providing you the sensation to react with a Babe Ruth rod swing to set the hook home.  Proudly manufactured one at-a-time in Jacksonville, Florida (USA), each Hella-Bomb™ is finished in Cajun Custom Rods® Pirogue Grey and guaranteed to go long, go big, and go home with a trophy!

“When you go big, when you go long, or when you go strong … yell out Hella-Bomb™ when you do!”

8′ | Extra Heavy Power | Fast Action | 10-30 lbs | 1/2-2 oz