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The Cajun Coastal™ series rods have been meticulously designed to exceed your saltwater light tackle expectations and really allow you to perform to your limits.  Weighing in at under 3.5 ounces, these rods are loaded with power to give you the edge the next time you launch.  Made on our exclusive Cajun Coastal™ series “Made in the USA” rod blanks, our team set out to engineer a rod that could not only dish out the power to land hard hitting saltwater predators, but also sweet talk the finickiest of fish with its sensitive taper and soft rod tip.  Oh yeah, did we mention the shortened rod handle systems?  Ok … now we did.

Yep, we took the Cajun Coastal™ a step up in saltwater and inshore performance and literally designed the rod blank around the handle so the balance is perfect … even on a short-butt rod.  So why a shorter handle?  Easy.  When you’re sitting in a kayak, they actually fit into the kayak’s rod holders and don’t rattle around or wiggle around – yep, they actually fit into the holders (amazing!).  When you have a Cajun Coastal™ loaded into your yak’s rod holder, it’s actually less of a reach to get to your rod … try it … you’ll see for yourself.  The shorter handle keeps the rod butt from  bumping into your stomach and makes casting effortless (and this is important in cramped quarters or when you’re sitting inches from the water).  In fact, the Cajun Coastal short handle systems will increase your cast and take full advantage of your angling expertise … putting more fish in the boat.  Another reason the short handle is great for coastal fishing is for those of you wade fishing.  A shorter handle means, “go ahead and get chest deep … the rod handle won’t drag through the water on your casts.”  We know you’ll love the enhanced range, accuracy and comfort when you launch a lure with your Cajun Coastal.

Cajun Coastal™ rods dish out legendary and elite fishing performance you’ve come to expect of a Cajun Custom Rods® series.  Leveraging our proprietary blend of standard and intermediate modulus fibers, each Cajun Coastal™ rod is individually handcrafted in Jacksonville, FL using our Smooth Taper-Transition™ (STT™) technology.  Our Smooth Taper-Transition™ technology provides uniform wall thickness and minimizes weak points in the blank as well increases durability and strength. When other folks cut costs on their manufacture, we tend to enjoy what really works and that’s why we fabricate each of our Cajun rod blanks with an optimum blend of resins content, scrim, and the highest ratio of high-strain rate carbon and graphite fiber.

Cajun Coastal™ Rod Specs:

  • Engineered, Designed and Handcrafted from scratch by an American company and in America – “Proudly Made in the United States of America”
  • Cajun Custom Rods® D-GRIP™ split grip handle system design = shorter end-to-hand length, balance and enhanced rod sensitivity
  • Premium Portuguese cork (with High Density Cork Butt Cap) handles = dense, durable, comfortable
  • Cajun Custom Rods® PowerBump™ butt cap and foregrips (to protect your assets coming and going)
  • Casting Reel Seat: solid-body Fuji blank-through graphite = durable and keeps your finger in touch with every vibration
  • Spinning Reel Seat: Fuji DPSM solid-body graphite = decades of proven power performance
  • Smooth Taper-Transition™ (STT™) technology = ultimate in vibration pick-up/rod sensitivity
  • Standard / Intermediate rod blends = unparalleled rod balance (just right … and where it counts)
  • Fuji stainless steel rod guides = Durability + Overall weight reduction + Enhanced sensitivity
  • Fuji Aluminum Oxide ceramic guide rings = handles any mono, fluoro, or braid effortlessly
  • Cajun’s CLTCH™ stainless steel hook keeper = simplified drop shot

So no matter how you fish, the Cajun Coastal™ rod series from Cajun Custom Rods® are loaded with performance from end to end … and at a fraction of the price you’d expect.  If you want the best fishing rod for your hard-earned money, then Cajun Custom Rods® has just your style:

As one of our customers recently stated: “Cajun Coastal™ rods … now that’s one bad-ass rod!”

CC-812-S ROD SPECS: 6’9″ | 6-12 lbs | Medium Power | Fast Action | 1/8-5/8 oz

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