Partners, Friends and Family

You want the best fishing rod, either an original custom rod or one of our Cajun Custom Rods® series rods, and the piece of mind that goes with knowing it’s the best? Well, take a look at each of the pictures that you see below and you’ll know why your Cajun Custom Rods® is just that … built of elite, top of the line components and with the assistance of folks that know that the only brand of choice is that of excellencequality fishing rod components that you can trust.

The organizations below, whether large or small, branded or not, represent the special ingredients of your Cajun Custom Rods® fishing rod designs and the relationships that bond them. Each portion is precisely measured and represents our secret recipe at Cajun Custom Rods® … that we deliver up to you, our faithful customers, piping hot and ready for inshore and freshwater sport fishing action.

Because each of our rods is handcrafted with ultimate care and attention to detail and because at Cajun Custom Rods®, quality is more important than quantity, to those many folks who have worked so hard to help make dreams come true, we simply say:

“Thank you for the pleasure of your service and professionalism and thank you for your commitment to excellence. The journey is just beginning … so hang on tight!”