Internet Custom Rod Component Selection and Design

CCR® utilizes the Internet with the assistance and expertise afforded by our Design and Development Team (AnoLogix), as a means to enable our customers the unique ability to design and visualize their custom fishing rod before ordering.

Using the available technologies of today’s Internet, the CCR® website integrates dynamic, integrated, and database-driven technologies so that our customers have the opportunity to select their individual components (from rod blank to thread colors) and actually “see” what their custom fishing rod will look like before they make their purchase.

The selection process involves not only descriptive comments, technical specifications, and actual images about each product, but also includes pricing and recommendations to assist with their personal designs. CCR® also uses “in house” comparative shopping, allowing the customer to build multiple rods and select the one(s) they wish to purchase.

All purchased rod designs are saved for future comparisons and ease of ordering for our return customers. If you design and save a Cajun Custom Rod®, your custom fishing rod masterpiece is saved indefinitely, affording historical reference in the event that a rod repair is required or a starting point for your next design.

Freedom of Choice. Quality. Performance.

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