Our Rods

At CCR®, we start with premium rod components that we feel confident fishing ourselves, on the waters and for the species we know best. Each Cajun Custom Rod® is adapted to your specific angling requirements to ensure your rod design preferences achieve optimum rod performance. If there is one truth we have learned fishing with so many friends it is that everyone has a casting stroke, favorite technique and opinion regarding performance and aesthetics that is uniquely their own.  We listen to experts, staff a few of our own, and always strive to ride the edge of performance when it comes to your fishing rod.

Our mission is to build the highest quality, high-performance and eye-pleasing custom fishing rods that are as unique as the anglers who fish them. At Cajun Custom Rods®, we achieve this goal by empowering you as the rod designer. Once designed, we build your custom fishing rod based on your specifications, leveraging our rod-building experience.

When complete, your unique Cajun Custom Rods® “complements” you to provide optimum rod performance, aesthetic design, and a truly one-of-a-kind fit … designed and built specifically for you and the way you fish!

With just a few clicks of your mouse, Cajun Custom Rods® will get to know you and your fishing preferences. By choosing our We provide the opportunity to get involved in the design process and personalize your custom fishing rod and empower you to design your rod from scratch via our “Build A Rod™.”

Regardless, we’re certain of the end-result … a hand-crafted custom fishing rod that fits you perfectly – designed by you, built, and tuned by Cajun Custom Rods®, and guaranteed to deliver the performance that you expect … just the edge you need to catch more fish!

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