My Favorite Fishing Memory, Part 2!

Now that I went waaaaayyyy back to my childhood for that first memory, we can return to the present for the next one. It may surprise you to know that I’m not a huge fisherman (or fisherwoman). In fact, it’s so rare that I do go that I’m definitely in the temporary or per diem fishing status. There are just too many other things in my here and now that take over: 3 active kids, I’m a nurse, I run a house and help run a business, you know, life. So Jaesen is the one that takes the kids out for their first fishing trip, or weekend trips now that they are older. It’s good moments for them to share with him and I’m okay with that. But, I did get to witness our daughter catch her very first fish in a backyard pond (thoughtfully stocked by Daddy!). It was with a Cajun Custom Rod® (of course!), and it was priceless. I had just gone out with the camera to snap a picture or two of them fishing together, thought it would be a great moment in time. But they caught a good one as soon as I stepped out the door and I managed to get it on tape. It always makes me smile to hear her call that fish cute…..