My Favorite Fishing Memory, Part 1!


My grandparents lived in Fort Myers, Florida for as long as I can remember. Which meant that we got to go and visit, play on the beach, eat mangos off the tree and have fresh squeezed orange juice. It also meant that this wonderful man would fire up his rickety old boat, throw some tuna fish sandwiches and fig newtons (never got those cookies, but we always ate them on our fishing trips!) and cart us off into the mangroves to fish all day long. I don’t think that he ever actually fished when we were out. He tied on hooks, bobbers, baits, untangled countless bird nests, untangled the lines from trees which we managed to snag every single trip, fed us sandwiches, sodas and those darn fig newtons. What I remember most is that he never said a harsh word. Not once, not even when we caught the same stupid mangrove tree four casts in a row. Not when we slung our line and caught him in the shoulder or back with our bait and hook. Not even when his motor would crump and we were stuck out on the water for hours while he tinkered away and finally fixed it. He was the most patient, caring person I think I have ever known and I loved fishing with him. We would come back at the end of the day, sunburned, hot, smiling from ear to ear to show our Grandma and parents our heroic catch and Grandma would bread them up and cook them for our supper. I miss my Grandpa and would give anything to be able to go out on those Florida waters with him again, just kick back, do some fishing and eat some of those fig newtons! Remember it doesn’t have to be the “best” planned fishing trips that can make an impression on a child, just spending the time and doing it are what’s important!