Introducing Cajun Custom Rods® KSG Series Spinning Guides !!!

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Cajun Custom Rods® is proud to announce our proprietary  line-up of KSG Series Spinning Guides in our custom fishing rod components! That’s right, the vote is in and we’ve readied the Build-Your-Rod design center to include this perfectly engineered and premium components … further enhancing what CCR® brings from our home to your next fishing trip.  We specialize in enhanced fishing performance at affordable prices, but most importantly – we bring you yet another slice of our American dream by offering you, our customers with the absolute best selection of premium custom fishing rod components, empowering you with even more “Freedom of choice!”

“Warning: custom rod design ‘spoilers’ below and fishing rod components that your granddaddy never had … but wished he did ;)


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Cajun Custom Rods® KSG Series Spinning Rod Guides are made from a high grade “top” stainless steel alloy with unique physical properties which provide exciting new possibilities for CCR®’s fishing rod designers. When we say bomb proof, go ahead and try to bend them.  Leverage our engineering and design team to create the just the right torsional bends in the framing of our KSG Series Guides, we’ve increased their strength 65% when compared to conventional spinning guides.  With a single press and trench-fitted guide ring made of Silicon Carbide, the KSG series guides can handle anything you can throw at them … mono, fluorocarbon, braid … they’re mean!  Di-electrically powder coated in a traditional stainless matte, or gunmetal, finish simply add to the versatility these guides bring to your next custom fishing rod design … corrosion is a thing of the past … and at a price that we can all afford!  At Cajun Custom Rods®, our KSG guides are available for your next spinning rod designs and built to perform!

  • KSG Series Guides: ultra-light, single-foot spinning guides for traditional spinning rod guide set-ups
  • “Top Shelf” high grade stainless steel alloy
  • Di-electrically powder coated in stainless, gunmetal, matte finish … corrosion is just a memory of your past
  • Bomb-proof torsional leg control increasing load bearing and guide strength by 65% compared to traditional spinning guides
  • Silicon Carbide guide rings (single press and trench-fitted) to handle the meanest
  • Matching pacific bay wide-mouth loop-style hook keeper (handles your biggest to smallest lures)
  • Matching KSG series rod tip with silicon carbide ring – ready to handle and control any fish you hook into …


At CCR®, we start with rod components that we feel confident fishing ourselves, on the waters and for the species we know best. Each Cajun Custom Rod® is adapted to your specific angling requirements to ensure your rod design preferences achieve optimum rod performance. If there is one truth we have learned fishing with so many friends it is that everyone has a casting stroke, favorite technique and opinion regarding performance and aesthetics that is uniquely their own.

Our mission is to build the highest quality, high-performance and eye-pleasing custom fishing rods that are as unique as the anglers who fish them.  At Cajun Custom Rods®, we achieve this goal by empowering you as the rod designer.  Once designed, we build your custom fishing rod based on your specifications, leveraging our rod-building experience.

“Tight Wraps, Tight Lines, and Happy Thanksgiving!”

- Jaesen Yerger
Cajun Custom Rods®