CCR® ProStaff Fishing Report: Toledo Bend (Many, Louisiana)

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August 2nd, 2014
Toledo Bend
Many, Louisiana
Well I had some awesome videos and pictures from last weekend, however with my phone sitting at the bottom of the lake in 28 feet of water I want get to share them.  What I can share is how important it was to have the right crankbait rod and jig rod over the weekend.  We had a massive cool front come through which brought lower temperatures as well as moderate cloud cover.  The fish have been using deep grass edges for cover in previous weeks, however the cloudy skies had them roaming.  I was able to locate 2 good schools of fish in a creek bend near the main channel in 25 to 33′ of water. The key was long cast with a Strike King 10xd to get down on the right water depth as well as hit the structure in the creek bend.  The fish were buried in the brush and a precise cast was key in order to get the fish to bite.  I was able to not only sling the 10xd out there as far as possible but was able to also feel my way around in the brush without hanging up thanks to my Custom Cajun Rods®.  The next key was to drag a football jig through the same structure I was bumping my 10xd into for the more sluggish or picky fish.  If you ever fished deep brush then you know how important it is to have a strong sensitive rod to first feel the bite, and secondly to haul that bass out of it’s home.  My Cajun Custom Rods® “Jig Rod” never let me down. Time after time again I would wench a toad out of the brush.  There is no doubt that my rods allowed me to catch these fish … and gave me the confidence to keep hammerin’ down!
That same weekend I had also found some fish using a ledge to gorge on shad as they traveled down the main river channel.  The structure here was very spotty and a good sensitive rod was needed to make constant contact with it. Both my Cajun Custom Rods® crankbait rod and jig rod allowed me again to feel my way around and get the bites I was looking for … another successful day on the water.
Be sure when you get out there to have the right gear … Cajun Custom Rods® can help you … then you’ll have the confidence to hook-set, control, and land fish all day long!
- Beaux Yerger
Cajun Custom Rods® ProStaff