CCR® ProStaff Fishing Report: Private Lake (Marshall, Texas)

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July 23rd, 2014
Private Lake
Marshall, Texas
I received an invite to a private lake outside of Marshall, Texas.  It is a deep, crystal clear, grass filled bass haven.  My expectations were set on catching A LOT of fish with the hopes of a 10+ pounder.  Just recently the lake had produced several 100 plus fish days and 3 over the 10 pound class.
The night before I prepared my arsenal of Cajun Custom Rods® and Okuma reels for what I was hoping to be a slamfest of fish catches.
Once I got to the lake I knew it was not going to be the ideal conditions for that.  However I did have one of the best days on the water that I’ve had in a good while.  After all the rigging the night before I never put down my 7’3″ MH Cajun Custom Rods® Alien Rod and swimbait set-up.  The fish were buried in the thick grass and would come out and destroy my swimbait as it buzzed across the surface. My Cajun Custom Rods® got a work out like it never has that day … I landed over 60 fish on that one rod … “FLAWLESS !!!”  It once never let me down and after a long day of fishing and catching.
Be sure when you get out there to have the right gear … Cajun Custom Rods® can help you … then you’ll have the confidence to hook-set, control, and land fish all day long!
- Beaux Yerger
Cajun Custom Rods® ProStaff