Super-Charged for Offshore Fishing – Badass Big Rods

Built to handle the battles from the Canyon to the Gulf Stream, the LINE HAULER™ brings a perfect balance of power versus weight and is a class above any offshore fishing rod that has ever been designed. Engineered and built using only the very best in premium offshore rod components, LINE HAULERS™ are equipped to hammer down when you’re on the outside and seeking to “CATCH BIG FISH.”

Constructed using only our premium Cajun Fiber X-Treme carbon fibers reinforced with silky smooth glass fibers, our Pressure Resin Infusion™ (PRI™) technology is a proprietary process that assures even distribution of resin throughout the rod blank fibers using an insane amount of pressure – thus, Pressure Resin Infusion™ works in combination with the resins and fibers to assure maximum rod power rod response. The benefit is simple: less rod weight, superior rod loading, and insane lifting power.  Your ability to pick up light bites, flip cast or pitch to those finicky fish cruising the “outside,” or winch a goliath from the depths will be appreciated in this rod with hardcore RipSteel™ backbone to drive the hook home and make landing big fish possible.

Leveraging only the finest in marine grade aluminum alloys and CNC-machined rod components, LINE HAULERS™ are meticulously designed and include: a solid-body marine grade aluminum 4-prong roll gimbal for bomb-proof durability and ease of rod holder access; a heavy duty marine grade aluminum reel seat in unlocked configuration with 2-locking nuts and revlon washers; Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Turbo Guides with Silicon Nitrate ceramic rings (tough enough for any monofilament, flouro carbon, or braided lines to alleviate line friction, reduce weight, increase control, and provide line protection); Slim Slick Butt lower rod butts and High Density DuraCore™ saltwater MAX-EVA grips will let you hang on in any weather condition and fight until the end with comfort and confidence.

“The LINE HAULER™ delivers amazing offshore fishing performance and Saltwater Premium quality that you can depend on without breaking the bank! The next time your drag clicks into a frantic fish run and the line begins to scream … grab your new American offshore fishing classic and let your LINE HAULER™ take catching trophies to a whole new level!”

Whether your close-in, on a wreck, or long-range offshore … your LINE HAULER™ will always put you on top of your game! Offshore Fishing Rod, #1 Offshore Fishing Rod, Best Offshore Fishing Rod, Best Vertical Jigging Rod, #1 Vertical Jigging Rod, Offshore Trolling Rod, LINE HAULER Offshore Rod

  • 100% “Made in the USA” product = Made in America for anglers across the globe
  • Length: 7′ /  Line Weight: LH2040SB-C = 20-40 lbs  /  LH50-80SB-C = 50-80 lbs.
  • Cajun Fiber X-Treme™ carbon fiber and glass reinforcement
  • Smooth Core Micro Lattice™ design in our Heavy Duty RipSteel™ rod blank
  • Pressure Resin Infusion™ (PRI™) technology
  • Marine Grade, CNC-Machined Solid Body Aluminum Reel Seat (up-locked with Double-Lock Nuts)
  • Marine Grade, CNC-Machined Solid Body 4-Prong Lock-fit Roll Gimbal
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Turbo Guides
  • Silicon Nitrate Ceramic Rod Guide Rings
  • Heavy Duty Tri-Wrapping featured on all rod guides and hardware
  • Slim Slick Butt Lower Rod Butt/Handle
  • DuraCore™ High Density EVA MAX Saltwater grips
  • Rugged thru-hull handle system
  • Acuright ergonomic design and construction (overall rod balancing and rod guide tuning)
  • Lifetime limited warranty backed by Cajun Rods®


Designed for use in inshore, nearshore, or pure pelagic saltwater fishing environments, Line Hauler™ rods catch multiple fish species and fish using multiple fishing techniques.

Constructed using our Pressure Resin Infusion™ (PRI™) technology with Cajun Fiber X-Treme carbon fibers reinforced with silky smooth glass fibers. The benefit is simple: less rod weight, superior rod loading, and insane lifting power!

Species: Wahoo, Yellowtail, Yellowfin Tuna, Blackfin Tuna, Kingfish, Sailfish, Roosterfish, Amberjack, Cobia, Redfish (Red Drum), Black Drum, Mahi Mahi (Dorado), Tarpon, Permit, Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Barracuda, Triple Tail, Bluefin Trevally, Giant Trevally, Jack Crevalle, White Seabass, Albacore, Bluefish, Striped Bass, Grouper, Snapper, Sturgeon, Opah, Blacktip Shark, Atlantic Marlin, Atlantic Snook and many, many more. The Line Hauler is designed to winch ’em up from the depths! Use the LH2040SB-C for small to medium pelagic species and use the LH5080SB-C for larger offshore gamefish.

Technique: Conventional Casting, Conventional Stand-Up, Slow Trolling,  Boat Rod, Pitch Rod, Popping Plugs, Live Bait Trolling, Dead-Sticking, Jigging, and just about any other technique you have in mind for a 7′ 20-40 lb. or 7′ 50-8- lb. offshore fishing rod. In any situation, the Line Hauler™ will handle it and get er’ done!

Key Rod Features