Open A Can Of “Oh, Hell Yeah!” In Every Cast

Cajun ∆ (Delta) rods are rigged for your saltwater slammin’ fishing adventure from sunrise to sunset. These are not your normal inshore rods … these are high performance precision engineered machines designed to fish in the skinny water where the fish come to eat. Our “standard” is everyone else’s “top-of-the line.” The difference is, we give you your cake and let you eat it too. Offering maximum performance and priced hundreds of dollars less than competitors, the Cajun ∆ series of rods are designed for the ultimate inshore fishing experience. Super light weight, ultra sensitive and Cajun-crazy powerful!

We know you’ll appreciate your longer casts, pin-point accuracy, CFX™ power hook sets, and best of all … we know when you hook into your next trophy and reel em’ up from the salty depths you’re gonna’ fist pump, boat jump, booty shake, and kiss your Cajun ∆!

  • 100% “Made in the USA” product = Made in America for anglers across the globe
  • Cajun Fiber X-Treme™ (CFX™) rod blank engineering = reactive hook sets
  • Acuright™ Split/Full Grip Handle Systems = sensitivity + flawless performance
  • Premium 4A Grade Cork = super dense, super soft and feel every vibration
  • Fuji® SiC® Stainless Rod Guides = perfect for mono, fluoro, or braid
  • Fuji® Quality Reel Seat = proven to keep you in touch with every vibration
  • Dropshot Hook Keeper (Stainless Steel)
  • Harmonic rod blank to guide set tuning and Precision Fulcrum Balance
  • Smooth Taper-Transition™ (STT™) technology = optimized rod force loading
  • Reinforced Linear Carbon Fiber™  (RLCF™) rod tube with CFX+™ material
  • Smooth Core Micro Lattice™ (SCML™) rod blank with CFX36/+™ carbon fibers
  • Lifetime limited warranty backed by Cajun Rods®

Where we’re from, we don’t fish saltwater or freshwater, we fish the Delta.  So in tribute to our roots, we designed the Cajun ∆® series of rods as our top performing rod in our line-up of rods – ready for action! Available in 12 models from Medium, Medium Heavy, and Heavy power for 7’3″ rod lengths in both casting and spinning with split or full grips, … these are high performance precision engineered machines designed to fish where the fish come to eat.

Species: Redfish, Black Drum, Snook, Flounder, Speckled Trout, Permit, Bonefish, Bluefish, Sea Bass, Triple Tail, Spadefish, Sheepshead, Jack Crevalle, Mullet, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Peacock Bass, Wipers, Striped Bass, Walleye, Freshwater Trout (Brook, Brown, Rainbow)

Technique: Paddle Tail Jigs, Spoons, Crankbaits, Finesse Plastics for Texas and Carolina Rigs, Spinnerbait, Buzzbait, Crankbaits, Small to Medium Swimbaits, Vertical Jigging, Topwater, Jerkbaits, Twitchbaits, Chatterbaits, Light to Medium Popping Cork Rigs

Key Rod Features