Cajun Series 2017 Fishing Rods

Whether you’re the stealth wading ninja of the shallows, or the die-hard kayaker on mission to boldy paddle where no boat can go … the Cajun Coastal™ rods are ready to “rock and roll” when you get the party started! As a mid-range Medium Power/Fast Action rod … these slender swords of fishing excellence are not only tough, sensitive and 100% Made in the USA … they are designed to make you more successful on the water. Fabricated with a short-action rod handle, the Cajun Coastal™ split grip provides you the leverage you need to lift and “put the heat on” without sacrificing performance. With every cast of your Cajun Coastal™ fishing rod, you’ll be welcomed to the 21st Century of fishing technology and remember what it feels like to fish a rod you can trust!

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