Cajun Popit™ – The Best Popping Cork Rod

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Hands down … the Cajun Popit™ rod series are the best popping cork rods in the world! Made in the USA and America’s only exclusively designed popping cork fishing rod for the Cajun Thunder™ popping cork, these technique specific inshore popping cork rods are Cajun-designed to sling, launch, catapult, rocket, fly, and hurl your favorite popping cork rig! From Florida to Texas, the Louisiana coast, and up the eastern and western seaboards, anglers are geared up with their favorite popping cork rigs for redfish, speckled trout, and similar inshore game fish using their Cajun Popit™ rods. Measuring out at 7’6” with a medium power backbone and fast action taper to handle up to to ¾ oz rigs and any mono, flouro, or super braid up to 17 lbs … whether you’re drifting a deep leader or just cruising the flats, your Cajun Popit™ rod let’s you sling it, pop it, hook it, and land it … one trophy redfish or gator trout at a time!

Made in the USA and America’s only exclusively designed popping cork fishing rod, for your next inshore fishing adventure, the Cajun Popit™ rods are hammer-forged and pressure rolled using 43-million modulus high density graphite, these rods have the backbone (American tough Medium Power) and sensitivity (USA FAST Tapers) that can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’! Our Cajun Popit™ rods are up to 30% lighter and 100% stronger than its closest competitor and this means these rods are “fish-catchin’ machines.” Each rod is 7’6” and provides a new tool to your traditional arsenal of fishing hardware … a popping cork fishing rod designed for fishing popping corks! Each Cajun Popit™ is loaded with inshore fishing features fit for a pro and at a price that’ll keep the “green stuff” in your wallet. The Cajun Popit™ rods are offered in spinning models of three colors: Neon Green, Neon Orange, and Chartreuse.

So no matter your style, Cajun Custom Rods® has ensured you can bounce, bob, plug, chug, drag, drift, or cruise your popping cork rig … so go ahead, “Cajun Popit™ and make some noise … you’re gonna’ love how you fish … we guarantee it!”

7’6” / 10-17 lb / Medium / Fast / ¼-3/4 oz

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Cajun Custom Rods®, Inc.