Acadian™ Custom Fishing Rods – 100% Customized at $259.99 – FREE SHIPPING !!!

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 Acadian™ – 100% Customized at $259.99 – FREE SHIPPING !!!
Choose the fishing rod components to meet your performance requirements. Your Acadian™ casting or spinning rod comes standard with a 100% handcrafted American Cajun Fiber X-Treme™ rod blank and is designed to “up your game.” For better fishing performance or to truly build your custom fishing rod into a “one-of-a-kind,” upgrade some or all of available options to include: rod blank, hardware, handle system, personalization, or even a reel! “You design your custom fishing rod and we’ll build your confidence!”

An excellent balance of rod performance, power, personalization, and price. Our Acadian™ line of custom fishing rods are the perfect choice for novice, avid, and expert anglers in search of their next fishing trophy!

Acadian™ Casting or Spinning custom rods come standard with:
- Cajun Fiber X-Treme™ Rod Blank
- Full Grip Handle
- PowerBump™ EVA
- Tapered High Density Butt Cap
- Traditional Rod Hardware (SS316 Black)
- Traditional Reel Seat
- Choose Your Thread Color
- Personal Text Decal
- Add a Graphic Fish Decal
- Master Rod Tuning & Balance
- 100% Handcrafted
- FREE packing and handling

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