Founding of Cajun Custom Rods®

Jaesen_and_Stacy_YergerWell, shortly after returning from overseas duty in Iraq, Jaesen learned on three back-to-back local fishing trips that “off the shelf” fishing rods no longer “got the job done.” Specifically, he had three rods fail in succession:
1) a blown rod tip and guide on one rod (due to “invisible” component corrosion), 2) a separated cork rod handle and reel seat (due to epoxy failure), and 3) one rod that literally broke in two. Well, let’s just say this is when he’d had enough … breaking a brand new $200 fishing rod is what got his “gears to spinning.”

Jaesen spent the next few weeks investigating why his “off the shelf,” manufactured fishing rods had failed. Ultimately, he determined that the culprit in all three instances was simply due to poor quality of construction and craftsmanship, as well as corrosion. Over the next year of teaching himself (with the help and assistance of other rod builders) how to build a better fishing rod, one that would consistently perform to his expectations, Jaesen had his solution.

By controlling the rod component selections, the quality of rod construction, and the performance characteristics of the selected materials, Jaesen had discovered that not only could he build a fishing rod that exceeded any other manufactured rod, he was able to do so at a comparative price and simultaneously control the fishing rod aesthetics, truly making his designs unique, personal, and customized.

Through personal use and experimentation, and with the assistance of other fishing experts, we’ve learned what equipment and components work the best in different fishing conditions and for multiple fish species; we also realized what rod components and combinations don’t work under those same conditions.

In the spring of 2008, I remember Jaesen coming to me and saying:

“You know, I’ve spent a lot of money over the years buying what I thought were the ‘best fishing rods’ available and was just plain naive. I know there’s other folks who are just like me, other fishermen who want what I want when it comes to a fishing rod.”

“I want those folks to have what I have … a better fishing rod for their hard earned money. I know folks like me want more ‘bang for their buck’ and I know how to make sure that happens.”

“I’m going to start a business and I am going to make sure folks can not only see what they’re getting in a fishing rod, but I am going to back the product with a warranty like it should be … and if it ain’t right, I’ll fix it and make sure it gets right … these days no one does that anymore … and folks deserve better.”

- Jaesen Yerger

And that’s exactly what happened. Jaesen and Stacy began a new adventure in their lives. Leveraging their years of fishing experience and “plain ol’ common sense,” they put their business plan into action and founded Cajun Custom Rods®, Inc. Hear Jaesen tell you in person, “Why he started Cajun Custom Rods®.” Over the years, and from these roots, Cajun Custom Rods® is quickly becoming known and respected as a leader in the custom fishing rod industry.

Why we build custom fishing rods

Originally, Jaesen only built rods for friends and family, but over time, the word got out and soon other anglers requested their own custom fishing rod. They wanted rods that reflected attention to an angler’s personal details of size, style, performance, and taste … they wanted a rod that was “custom-fit” to their angling needs and therefore a better performing fishing tool – a honed surgical instrument in their fishing arsenal.

If there is one truth we have learned fishing with so many friends it is that everyone has their own casting stroke, favorite techniques, and opinion about aesthetics that are uniquely their own. Our mission, at Cajun Custom Rods®, is to build the highest quality and performance rods that are as unique as the anglers who fish them.

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