Jon Vroom

Jon Vroom

Many people ask me; “why should I spend the extra dollar on a custom handcrafted fishing rod when I can spend much less on an off the shelf rod and still catch fish with it?” This is an age old question to which there is no easy answer. For some there is no reason to spend the extra money for that custom crafted rod but for any serious angler out there or someone who just plain enjoys using top of the line equipment then the best choice is Cajun Custom Rods®. The “CCR® Difference that I am always talking about boils down to two things; quality of construction and quality of components. These two categories place CCR® a cut above other custom builders and greatly separate us from off the shelf manufacturers.

Cajun Custom Rods® does not even carry components that are inferior to others. This is simply because we will not install a part that we are not willing to place the CCR® lifetime warranty on. We also stay on the cutting edge of technology with our components. Other industries are always making technological advancements and rod building components are no different. This ensures that when a customer designs a Cajun Custom Rod® on the build your rod page he is offered the latest and greatest components that the industry has to offer. We also test new components before adding them to our inventory to make sure that they will stand up to any abuse that a fishing trip can bring.

The second aspect of the “CCR® Difference” is the quality of construction. To be certain there is a level of quality present in some of the off the shelf rods. The “CCR® Difference” is that we achieve with every rod that leaves our shop the pinnacle of quality. Jaesen and I are the two biggest perfectionists in the industry and we never let a rod leave the shop that we would not fish ourselves. From the design phase to the finish phase we employ our own exclusive methods of fitting, tuning, and balancing to make sure that the finished product the customer receives is built to withstand a lifetime of fishing pressure. When you hook into that trophy you want to have the best equipment available connecting you that fish to make sure that it ends up in your pictures instead of in your “fish stories”.

The last thing people want is to be on that fishing trip of a lifetime and have their new rod break, lose a ring from a guide, have a guide bent beyond repair, or any number of things that could go wrong with a fishing rod. If they purchased an off the shelf rod then they are just plain “out of luck” but if they had purchased a Cajun Custom Rod® they could rest assured that we will make it right by them. The President of CCR® is just a phone call away and he is happy to fix any situation to the best of your interests.

The “CCR® Difference” is not just a phrase; it is the way we run this company, from the way we build rods to the way we do business with our clients. And it is because of this that when people ask me that age old question I can proudly say that when it comes to fishing rods “There are none better!”

Experience the difference!

- Jonathan Vroom, Cajun Custom Rods®