Jaesen Yerger


Welcome to the corporate site for the World Famous Cajun Custom Rods®. If you’re reading, then you must have an interest in who we are … so let’s get down to it shall we?

In all honesty, Cajun Custom Rods® has been “in the making” for over a decade and a dream of ours that has recently come to life with our launch of the CCR® website in January of 2010. Since our launch, Cajun Custom Rods® has grown into one of the most powerful and recognized brands names in the custom fishing rod industry through our offer of performance-based, handcrafted, and hand-tuned custom fishing rods to anglers in over 90 countries across the globe. In this very short amount of time, we routinely collaborate with some of the largest brands in the fishing industry to include Fortune 500 companies and have established ourselves as a household name in the greater fishing community.

Fishing, like so many other sporting activities, certainly has its fair share of “lessons learned” and “hard-knocks.” We’ve all been there: lose a rod over the boat edge, break a rod in a car door (or it gets stepped on in the boat), the rod warranty just expired or doesn’t cover the piece that broke, your rod’s guide ring fell out, the tip busted … the list goes on and on. So, we head over to a local retailer and purchase a more expensive fishing rod thinking think we just bought something better for our money. I mean a more expensive fishing rod has to perform better than the last rod I owned, right? Yep – we’ve all been naive and continue to learn our lessons as we up the ante and buy expensive fishing rod after expensive rod … hoping that some day we’ll actually find what we’re looking for in a fishing rod … a rod that performs to our expectations every time and becomes that “confidence and signature rod” in our rod locker or rod rack. Sorry to break the bad news to you, but no matter how much money you spend on an “off-the-shelf” rod … those rods don’t even begin to compare to a Cajun Custom Rod®. So, let’s determine what makes a performance fishing rod, CCR®-style.

In our experience, a custom fishing rod can be defined numerous ways … so I’ll provide you the CCR® definition and let you determine how this matches against your knowledge when comparing any “off-the-shelf” fishing rod. At Cajun Custom Rods®, we believe the most important aspect of our custom fishing rods is “Freedom of Choice.” Whether it be the rod layout, hardware, handle system, or other rod components … your choices will ultimately create your custom fishing rod identity … one that matches your style (thread colors, logos, decals, etc.) and your fishing techniques. With over 3500 premium components available to our customers (many of which are not available on any retail fishing rod), we know that we maximize your freedom of choice because simply stated … “Who better than you to decide what’s the best fit for you when it comes to a fishing rod? … and why wouldn’t you use quality components on your rod?”

This brings us to our next point, designing your custom rod. We leverage technology in everything we do here at CCR®, and the method by which you design your custom fishing rod design is no exception. Via our “Build Your Rod” page, we enable you to visually customize every aspect of your next fishing rod and literally add individual components and systems that best meet your fishing requirements. In the simplest of terms, you design and we build. So you get the best of both worlds … individual and customized fishing rod design and leverage our fishing rod building experience. Point, click, select … voila!

Though not the last aspect worth mentioning, but surely the most important is our dedication to our customers. We view every one of our customers as special and dedicate however much time is required to make them feel just that … needed, satisfied, and over time, we have developed many excellent friendships that continue to this day. Whether through our “point to point” communication with our customers or how we back our Lifetime Warranty … at Cajun Custom Rods®, we know our customers work hard for their money and we want them to trust us with their next fishing rod build. So, we dedicate our loyalty to them and know that we only exist for one reason: to loyally serve our customers by providing the very best custom fishing rods possible.

We have an exceptional team both in the workshop and office. We’ve done what others can’t and we constantly strive to push the boundaries and expectations of this industry. We are the leaders of the custom fishing rod industry and always know that our belief in growing strong relationships with our customers is what makes us the best fishing rod company today and in the future!

Times are hard and folks are working twice as hard for less money … so when it comes to spending a hard-earned dollar and folks having discretionary income to spend on a fishing rod … we’re here to make it worth their while and provide those folks with the piece of mind and confidence to trust their gear and know that Cajun Custom Rods® is still here … building one performance fishing rod at a time. One of my favorite movie lines/quotes is spoken in the movie, “The Patriot” by Mel brooks to his two boys when ambushing the English in the woods, “Aim small, miss small.” It applies to so much that we do here at Cajun Custom Rods® and in our daily lives … always striving to “get it right the first time.”

Tight lines!

- Jaesen Yerger, Cajun Custom Rods®