Zsolt Takacs


I am a marine biology teacher at one of our many local high schools here in Jacksonville, Florida. I love all types of fishing but I am a tarpon fanatic and love the thrill of tackling large game from the “yak.” As a side love, so to speak, I am always looking to capture a great photo of nature or to be more concise, fish. The main reason that I Love to fish from a kayak is because of the edge, I believe, that a kayak brings to the table. I can get extremely close to big game by the stealthy nature that the kayak provides.

I can’t tell you how many times big fish have hit my kayak or come close enough to spray water and bait into the kayak. In my opinion, you just don’t get as intimate with your surroundings in a boat as you do fishing from a kayak. As a side note I have been published twice as a freelance writer by Shallow Water Angler and have written multiple articles about fishing in our local newspaper.

I can’t begin to tell you how honored and excited I am to be working with Jaeson and the quality rods that he creates. Terminal tackle and lures always differ depending on the quarry, however, Cajun Custom Rods® has to be the mainstay in any fisherman’s arsenal.

Be sure to check out “The Long face Killa’ Crew” and enjoy the video below!

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The Long Face Killa' Crew