Capt. Nate Skinner


Captain Nate Skinner is an award winning outdoor writer and photographer that was born and raised in Texas City, Texas. Skinner became smitten with the outdoors at a young age, with the upper Texas coast as his playground. Fishing and understanding the expansive bays of the Texas upper coast is not only a passion but has become a way of life for him.

Over the years Skinner has expanded his saltwater fishing experiences and knowledge that now includes the entire Texas coast with its miles of bays, estuaries and beachfronts. In addition to fishing the Lone Star State, Skinner spends considerable time in the nearby estuaries of southwest Louisiana catching trout and redfish from Lake Calcasieu.

Skinner is the Upper Texas Coast Editor for Texas Outdoors Journal, and his freelance work appears in several other publications, including Texas Wildlife Magazine, Harold Well’s Gulf Coast Fishermen, and others.

“Cajun Custom Rods are the real deal,” says Skinner. “They have become the brute backbone of my fishing arsenal—plain and simple!”

Skinner currently lives with his wife, Emily, and black lab, Kahle, in Santa Fe, Texas, and guides fellow anglers along the upper Texas Coast.