Kelly Minnick

Kelly Minnick Cajun Pro Staff

I grew up in the desert in southeast New Mexico. I was stationed in south Texas with the US Coast Guard, I have over 14 years of service time to the great United States of America. I have believed in Cajun Custom Rods since the very first time I picked one up. Being that they are made right here in the USA is a huge bonus. I primarily fish out my kayak, the grass flats of Aransas Pass, Texas is my back yard. I primarily target redfish and trout. The kayaking community here is great, I have learned a lot from the top kayak anglers in the area. I got hooked on kayak fishing just a few years ago, I generally fish a few tournaments a year, but this year I plan on getting into as many as I can.

I met Jaesen through Paul from Unfair Lures. I am a brand ambassador for Unfair Lures, these rods go fantastic with those lures. This is my first rod company to be on staff with, and after using my Delta a few times, I can already tell it will be the last rod company that I will represent! Being my first rod company to be on board with, I am certainly grateful that it is such a fantastic product, and tight knit family. I post up my pictures on Twitter, follow me @broncofan_27 and on Facebook. I look forward to many tight lines, bent rods, and future tournament success with my new arsenal of gear.