Justin Ownby

Justin Ownby Cajun Pro Staff

I grew up in Tampa, Florida spending weekends and summer’s exploring the waters of Tampa Bay and Charlotte Harbor. Still to this day, I spend as much time as work permits on the water targeting mainly redfish but also the many other species the Gulf Coast has to offer. I was gone from the area for almost 11 years between college and working in Chicago and Miami but ever since moving back to Tampa in 2011 I have hit the redfish tournament series’ hard. I love fishing and I love competing so it has been a lot of fun testing my skills a dozen times a year against the best anglers the west coast has to offer. I’m proud to say I have won team of the year honors three times in tournament series hosted in Tampa and Port Charlotte. My biggest achievement though is winning the IFA Ruskin tournament in September 2015.

I was introduced to Jaesen in early 2016 because I was in dire need to upgrade my gear after a few years of hard fishing. Jaesen told me about Cajun Custom Rods, how they were built, how they would perform, and I had an order in before we hung up the phone. My first time out with the new rods I caught a perfect slot redfish tailing on the flats with my first cast and I haven’t picked up one of my old rods since. Casting distance, feel, weight, strength of the rods is a perfect combination!

Look for me on FaceBook or Instagram (justintownby) for cool pictures and vidoes or of course on the water; I run a two-tone foam green Pathfinder 2300 HPS with a black 250 Yamaha SHO with white power pole blades.