Bill Hamilton


As a young boy growing up on the Patuxent River, I would often did up worms and go sit on the river for hours waiting to catch a fish. The day my father took me to a pond and tied on that first artificial lure and I set the hook into that bass, I also was hooked as well! I have never forgotten that bait, a 3” purple grub on a ¼ oz. black round head with a gold spinner added.

Over the years I watched fishing on T.V. and when I saw my first big B.A.S.S. event at Smallwood State Park, with all the painted boats and trucks to match I knew then I wanted to do that! Never having the breaks to reach for that opportunity early in life, I finally got the chance. When I was able to join a bass club and get my first bass boat in 2011.

Over time my passion and competitive nature has pushed me to a much higher level and I now fish the RAM Truck Open, The FLW, and BFL. I have my own lure line – BHF Custom Baits. I have also had the pleasure of signing on Denison Landscaping as a premier sponsor and also signed on with Cajun Custom Rods as a Pro Staff, they have the strongest, best built, lightest, and most durable rods in the industry.

My goal is to fish the Classic! I hope with the help of sponsors and great products in hand I can achieve that!

The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive, yet attainable; a perpetual series of occasions for hope.

John Buchan