Bill Bostic



I am 58 years young/old and I have spent a considerable amount of time fishing competitive events as well as recreational trips. Throughout this time I have realized the advantage custom built equipment can give an angler. A well built, custom fitted fishing rod, paired with a good reel and quality fishing line not only gives you longer, easier placed casts, but does so in a way that allows for better concentration. Concentrating on what the lure should be doing as opposed to fretting over misplaced, short distance casts can only enhance your fishing experience. Add to that the fact that easier casting equates to less effort, less fatigue throughout a day on the water. This can be important to not only older more “experienced” fisherman but to the younger, more physically fit anglers as well.

I met Jaesen Yerger quite by accident about a year ago and through this chance meeting became not only interested in his fine rod building abilities, but realized what a fine individual he truly is. Not to take anything away from other custom rod builders out there but, Jaesen will literally spend whatever time it takes via telephone, e-mail or even in person to work with you, to insure you get the best fitting, best built rod you desire. That my fellow fishing friends is customer service second to no one!

Give my personal cranking rod selection a look and see if it might work for you. It is without question the most comfortable fishing rod I have ever owned, and, I can fish crank baits all day long without wearing out. Try out the Build a Rod™ section, create a rod or two, maybe even three! You have questions? Drop Jaesen a line. The guy is amazing!

A final note – if you have questions for me regarding CCR’s® amazing products, drop me a line via my e-mail: I’ll be glad to reply!

Bill Bostic