Beaux Yerger


For the past few years I have just about fished with every major brand out there and was searching for the rod that fit me and my style of fishing. It wasn’t till the early fall of 2011 that I realized they don’t sell that on the selves at tackle stores. In 15 minutes I learned more about fishing rods than I ever thought possible when I called Cajun Custom Rods® and spoke with Jaesen, and that sold me on not only the rods, but the passion he has to ensure every Cajun Custom Rod® is loaded with passion and performance. Knowing that I was talking to someone that had put in the time, energy, man hours, and research to achieve what I was looking for in a fishing rod is priceless and has helped to build my confidence when it counts!

Every craftsman has his favorite tool and I feel that’s what you get with Cajun Custom Rods®. My rod is the bread an butter of my angling experience. Having the right rod built to my specifications is something no other manufacture can claim. The folks at CCR® make sure that the time and research is put in on every rod that I order to meet those standards I have set. I have never been more excited fishing and now that I have the right tools from Cajun Custom Rods® to help me excel in my outings, I feel more confident than ever …not just for the tournament season .. but leading the pack in my tournament season. When money is on the line I know I can count on my Cajun Custom Rods® – they’re custom-designed for me … one at a time!

Experience the difference of Cajun Custom Rods® … custom-designed, one at a time!

Jaesen Yerger