Cajun Custom Rods® Pro Staff Team

At Cajun Custom Rods®, we’re seeking candidates for the Cajun Custom Rods® Pro Staff Team with the skill, knowledge, and dedication to excellence in the amateur and professional tournament-fishing arena. If you are one of the top anglers on your tournament trail, in your club or local area, then you should contact us for consideration to join the CCR Pro Staff. We are building a team of skilled and energetic individuals to help us promote and sell Cajun Custom Rods®. We have set up our Pro-staff program to reward amateur and professional anglers interested in working with a premier, growing custom fishing rod company, offering anglers the opportunity to receive direct rewards through their promotional efforts. If you have the skills and talent to appreciate, use, and demonstrate Cajun Custom Rods®, we want you to be a part of our team and show people what we mean by “Experience the difference of Cajun Custom Rods®!” Click below to download our CCR Pro Staff package. Fill out the info and mail or email your response directly to us at:

CCR Pro Staff Package

Join Our Pro Staff

We’re seeking pro-staff members to demonstrate the sensitivity, performance, and quality built into every Cajun Custom Rod® and we want you to engage with us in a relationship because we feel that we can both benefit from each other’s services. We believe that our Pro Staff members and Cajun Custom Rods® represent the special ingredients for a fantastic relationship, each portion precisely measured and ready for inshore and freshwater sport fishing action.

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Capt. Clay Shidler

I was born and raised on the Central Gulf Coast of Florida and that is where I’ve choose to make my home and my living. Guiding for me has always been about teaching each one of my customers as much as possible about the amazing environment that the good lord has blessed us with. Here in the Crystal River, Florida areas, I can claim a fishery that boasts a fantastic variety of game fish species in an unspoiled natural setting, and my completely customized trips can cover everything from Trout and Redfish to Grouper and Cobia on the same trip. With inshore, offshore and duck hunting trips available I do my best to offer a trip that will suit all types of sportsman. One thing is for sure, every time I leave the dock I work my hardest to ensure that my client has the best day possible and leaves a happy customer.

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Zsolt Takacs

Zsolt is a long time friend, Cajun Custom Rods® Pro Staff angler since 2012, and one of the “defacto” Florida anglers with the “Long Face Killa’ Crew.” He is what we term a “yak” fisherman and we think a little on the wild side of the fishing world. When you think 200-300+ pound fish, large fish in aquariums or the deep blue oceans come to our minds … so who would ever think that a man in a kayak would not only paddle with them, but target them … as one of the ultimate sportfishing challenges known to man … tarpon! Zsolt is one of those crazy few anglers who live their dreams everyday; he’s not Hemmingway nor is he an “old man of the sea” … Zsolt is a tarpon and inshore fisherman hailing from Jacksonville, Florida who fishes on the edge, leveraging every ounce of strength in his core and from his equipment. He lives for the ride, the catch, and the thrill of coming face to face with some of the largest sportfish in the world. Welcome aboard!

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Chris Blazer

With so many great anglers in the greater Virginia area, I am truly honored to have the chance to work with Cajun Custom Rods®. I am a welder/fabricator by trade but a fisherman by heart. I’ve fished everywhere from banks and boats to jetties and piers along the East Coast. Though I’ll fish the occasional tournament, my passion is saltwater fishing and the shear enjoyment of just being out on the water. I fish a center console so I can get into the creeks and bays, but also my boat is large enough to handle the Chesapeake Bay … and depending on my targeted species, I could be in both places over the course of incoming or outgoing tide. I look forward to each fall as I do get pretty serious about trout fishing, since you just never know what night will be the night! However, I tend to mostly fish for larger species – swing for the fences, you know? Go big!

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Female Fishing Pro Staff, Best Female Angler 2015

Liz Urban

After meeting Jaesen and Stacy, I was immediately hooked by their hospitality and knowledge of fishing. I am beyond excited to be a part of the Cajun Custom Rods® family! I spend my days in front of a monitor as a network engineer but my true passion is fishing. I grew up as an Army Brat and share my love of fishing with my father. We fished together when I was younger and continue to take fishing trips together whenever the opportunities arise.  I have had wonderful opportunities to fish with him from Alaska to Florida, and even in South America (thanks to the Army). Today, I aspire to become an exceptional angler on the water, demonstrating what it means to “fish American quality!”  We owe it to ourselves and the youth of today, especially up and coming angels out there … so we lead by example, fish for fun, fish to learn, and fish Cajun Custom Rods®!”

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Bill Bostic

Bill is a customer and recent addition to the Cajun Custom Rods® Pro Staff line-up (2011). Bill has owned Charger, Champion, War Eagle and now Phoenix bass boats. Bill fishes many Missouri area lakes and rivers, Mark Twain Lake, Lake of the Ozarks, Truman Reservoir and Table Rock, to name a few. Bill fishes Bass World Sports tournament circuits, as well as other charity events every year. When not competing in Bass tournaments, Bill likes to crappie fish throughout the winter months, primarily at Lake of the Ozarks.

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Beaux Yerger

Fishing is more than a hobby for me and when Jaesen began his journey to make Cajun Custom Rods® the best performing custom rods available to any angler, I knew I had to jump on for the adventure (God knows we had some as kids growing up in the bayou country of Louisiana!). My fishing teammates describes it best when it comes to my passion about fishing, “It is my passion & my obsession.”  I grew up with an avid outdoorsman for a father and was fortunate enough to learn a few of the ropes when it comes to not just outdoors, but fishing and fishing competitively while growing up in Northern Louisiana. Now as a 31 year old tournament angler, I realize there is a whole lot more than just picking up a rod and fishing.

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Tim Clark Jr.

Tim Clark Jr. is a life long resident of Canton, Ohio and a professional fisherman who’s been “hooked up” with us since we began Cajun Custom Rods®. Tim has been fishing bass tournaments since 1998 and actively competes on the Bassmaster Weekend Series, Wal-Mart BFL, Everstart Series and Bassmaster Opens along with the OhioBassFederationNation tournament trail. As a 2-time Ohio State Team member, Tim earned runner-up in the 2007 Ohio BASS Classic. With a host of top finishes in the Ohio region, he’s also renowned for winning several Angler of the Year awards

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David Kennedy

David Kennedy

David Kennedy was born and raised in Princeton, West Virginia. After graduating high school, David enlisted in the United States Navy where he spent 11 years protecting our great nation. While on active duty, David’s love for the outdoors, particularly bass fishing, grew. David though he would take it a step further by entering the competitive bass fishing world and since 2004, he has been fishing bass tournaments. David actively competes on the Bassmaster B.A.S.S. Opens, Wal-Mart BFL, the TBF along with the local club and Region 1 tournaments of Federation. David has had the privilege of fishing in the 2013 TBF Mr. Bass Championship and the 2013 TBF Chapter Team Championship. David currently lives in Northern Virginia, works for the Department of Defense, and his home water is the Potomac River.

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Cantley Krafft

My dad and granddad introduced my brother Keith and I into the wonderful world of fishing when we were very young. Shortly thereafter, fishing became competitive with my brother, whether we were fishing for bass, musky, trout… you name it. I remember my brother would do research on new lures by reading Bassmaster magazines and watching the fishing channels. When Keith would learn something new, we’d beg our dad or granddad to take us fishing and he’d show me how to use the new lures either before or after he’d kick my butt with them. To this day, Keith continues to teach me by opening my mind to new perspectives in the sport of bass fishing.

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Keith Krafft

Growing up, I was a national-caliber wrestler in high school who faced a lot of pressures and expectations that I couldn’t always meet. When I’d find myself struggling with wrestling, fishing was always my escape. Being on the water provided me with the kind of peace-of-mind and excitement that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Now that my wrestling career has passed, I’ve come to be a fitness enthusiast with the constant desire to be physically in-shape; I workout at least 5 days a week, and place high emphasis on putting good ‘fuel’ in my body.

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Bill Hamilton

As a young boy growing up on the Patuxent River, I would often did up worms and go sit on the river for hours waiting to catch a fish. The day my father took me to a pond and tied on that first artificial lure and I set the hook into that bass, I also was hooked as well! I have never forgotten that bait, a 3” purple grub on a ¼ oz. black round head with a gold spinner added.

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Justin Ownby Cajun Pro Staff

Justin Ownby

I grew up in Tampa, Florida spending weekends and summer’s exploring the waters of Tampa Bay and Charlotte Harbor.  Still to this day, I spend as much time as work permits on the water targeting mainly redfish but also the many other species the Gulf Coast has to offer.  I was gone from the area for almost 11 years between college and working in Chicago and Miami but ever since moving back to Tampa in 2011 I have hit the redfish tournament series’ hard.

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Michael Nelms Cajun Pro Staff

Michael Nelms

Michael Nelms was raised in Hartwood, VA. He is a welder for a plumbing and mechanical company.

He is an avid Bass fisherman, and has been fishing since he was a young child. As an avid Virginia fisherman, he has grown up fishing the Potomac River, the Rappahannock River, Lake Anna, and several other lakes, reservoirs, and tributaries.

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Kelly Minnick Cajun Pro Staff

Kelly Minnick

I grew up in the desert in southeast New Mexico. I was stationed in south Texas with the US Coast Guard, I have over 14 years of service time to the great United States of America. I have believed in Cajun Custom Rods since the very first time I picked one up. Being that they are made right here in the USA is a huge bonus. I primarily fish out my kayak, the grass flats of Aransas Pass, Texas is my back yard. I primarily target redfish and trout…

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Capt. Doug Adams Cajun Pro Staff

Capt. Doug Adams

As a young boy, in the fall and winter months, I started fishing the Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay, and the rivers and lakes in the Mid-Atlantic Region for Rock Fish, Bass, Pike, Musky, Big Cat Fish. I spent my summer days here in the Pensacola area fishing all of the bays, tributaries, intercostal waterways, and the Gulf of Mexico. From Mobile Bay, Alabama, to the “Big Bend” area of the Panhandle of Florida…

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Chris Freeman Cajun Pro Staff

Chris Freeman

I was born and raised in Corpus Christi Texas. I have been fishing ever since I could walk. I remember fishing from the shore with my dad and every time a boat would go buy I would tell him “one day I’m going to become a pro fisherman, and I’ll get you a boat just like that one.” He would laugh and we would just keep on fishing. It wasn’t until he got a boat that I started to understand the sport. I started fishing in kids tournaments when I was 6 years old. I didn’t win a single one. But that just made my love for fishing get even stronger…

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Capt. Nate Skinner Cajun Pro Staff

Capt. Nate Skinner

Captain Nate Skinner is an award winning outdoor writer and photographer that was born and raised in Texas City, Texas.  Skinner became smitten with the outdoors at a young age, with the upper Texas coast as his playground.  Fishing and understanding the expansive bays of the Texas upper coast is not only a passion but has become a way of life for him.

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Capt. Andrew Marikos Cajun Pro Staff

Capt. Andrew Mairkos

Captain Andrew Marikos grew up on South Padre Island, Texas where he spent every chance he had fishing the waters of the Lower Laguna Madre and the Gulf of Mexico. After graduation he studied at Texas A&M, but continued his fishing hobby in fresh water, and gained a love for hunting Texas game. Andrew returned back to the island, achieved the status of Captain with his United States Coast Guard License and began a business offering quality guided fishing and hunting trips…

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Capt. Todd Balck Cajun Custom Rods Pro-Staff

Capt. Todd Black

I am honored to be a member of the Cajun Custom Rods Pro-Staff and in the company of so many elite anglers. I recently left the corporate sales world to finally pursue my passion for charter fishing. Although, I have only been a charter captain for a short time; I have been a fisherman out of Cocodrie, LA all of my life. I began fishing with my father at a young age out of Cocodrie, LA…

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Team Gunn Cajun Custom Rods Pro-Staff

Team Gunn

Team Gunn is more than just a cool title. It’s a team, made up of father and son – two individuals who have bonded over fishing for the better part of a quarter-century. Lawrence and Matthew Gunn have always been close, like many father-son combos are. Bonded over fishing, the two quickly found a passion they could share together. Their love of the sport, and for life, never falters, even in the face of adversity…

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Rick Queener Cajun Custom Rods Pro-Staff

Richard Queener

It was out of necessity that I found Cajun Custom Rods. After ordering my Cajun Small Mouth Bomber I can honestly say for the price point the bomber is truly impressive rod. I then began to talk with Jaesen and after his input I ordered and added a Savanah to my rod collection. Well let’s rewind a little bit…

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Colby Elsass Cajun Custom Rods Pro-Staff

Colby Elsass

Growing up on the gulf coast, fishing is a huge part of our lives. We have some of the best fishing in the world right here in our own back yard, Crystal River FL. I love targeting large reds, snook , trout, and exploring the waters that we have. I was taught by my father at a young age how to properly fish, where the fish move and what to look for. The biggest lesson I learned was how to respect the land and the creatures, which you only take what you need and conserve for the future…

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Pete Goss - Cajun Custom Rods Pro Staff

Pete Goss

I’m an avid freshwater and saltwater fisherman in the Greater Jacksonville/North Florida region, with numerous species of both fresh and saltwater fish under my belt. I prefer to target Largemouth Bass, Speckled Sea Trout, Flounder and Redfish/Red Drum. As an experienced angler, I’ve been fishing for over 50 years now. I’ve traveled all over the United States to explore world-class fisheries including: Table Rock Lake, Lake Okeechobee, Lake Toho and Rodman Reservoir. I’ve been known…

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