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“So Much More Than a USA Custom Rod Shop”

Welcome to Cajun Custom Rods® (or as we say, CCR®), where tradition and experience come together to create both the finest custom fishing rods and USA-built, Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) fishing rods in the marketplace today. We cater to the performance, aesthetic, and design specifications of novice, avid recreational, and the tournament angler who wants and appreciates only the very best fishing rod for their next fishing adventure.

At Cajun Custom Rods®, we proudly run three corporate rodbuilding divisions: 1) Custom, one-of-a-kind fishing rods available via our Build A Rod, 2) our own Cajun Rod Series, and 3) Private Label/OEM of our client rod designs.  No matter the type, style, or design of fishing rod you desire … regardless of your budget … your fishing technique or level of experience … we have the perfect fishing rod for you at CCR!

Cajun Custom Rods® is highly acclaimed for its continued excellent customer service and top quality product. Please have a gander and read about our company and what makes Cajun Custom Rods® the leader in the custom fishing rod and OEM/Private Label fishing rod industry:

“Alright, now that you know more about our Cajun Custom Rods®, have fun shopping for the perfect fishing rod from our Cajun Custom Rods® Rod Series, or jump right in and Build-A-Rod™ now.  If you’re fishing a Cajun Custom Rods®, you’ll be fishing the #1 fishing rod on the water!”

Our Staff


Jaesen Yerger

President / CEO, Cajun Custom Rods®

As a youth, Jaesen grew up fishing the inland rivers, bayous and the coastal waterways and delta of Louisiana. Over the years, he fished wherever and whenever the opportunity presented, from Rhode Island to California, Texas to Montana, and overseas to include Australia, Mexico, Japan, and even Iraq! He’s had experience with the best (and not so best) rods that work for the species of fish that he pursued over the years. Jaesen never had aspirations of starting a custom rod building business, but a dream to transfer his rod-building talent and passion to fellow anglers who held similar resolve and aspirations for a fishing rod they could call their own, for a fishing rod that performed to their expectations, for a fishing rod that made fishing what it should be … just plain ol’ fun. Jaesen serves as the CEO and owner of Cajun Custom Rods® and is a certified custom fishing rod builder.

Phone: (904) 800-1515

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Stacy Yerger

Vice President / CFO, Cajun Custom Rods®

Stacy contributes to the behind the scenes aspects of CCR® as the General Manager, coordinating the daily administration, finances, and logistics for the company. She is lovingly referred to as “Our Glue” when it comes to the day-to-day operations of Cajun Custom Rods® (she keeps it all moving forward and together) and stoking the fires for the CCR® staff to place the very best performance custom fishing rod into the hands of every angler. Don’t let her fool you though, she can cast with the best of them … and when required, can give any bass enough lock-jaw for a lifetime with her hookset. She’s a savvy business woman, is a compelling team builder, and the sanity to ask those “hard” questions when technology, business, and service intersect. Better yet, she already knows the answers and then calmly guides the rest of the CCR® staff towards our combined goal: handcraft and provide for the best performing fishing rod on the market today, individually designed for each customer.

Phone: (904) 800-1515

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Jon Vroom

Jon Vroom

Director of Operations, Cajun Custom Rods®

Custom rod building is a passion for Jon Vroom. He built his first fishing rod in 2004 in his parents basement with parts salvaged from several other broken rods. The result was a crude shadow of a fishing rod. Fueled by the desire to build something he could be proud of he improved on every build and soon was far surpassing the quality of rods that consumers could get “off the shelf”. Jon “happened upon” CCR® via an internet search in the summer of 2010. Call it a coincidence, call it rod building fate, call it whatever you like, he prefers to think of it as the rod building “gods” working behind the scenes to assemble a team suited to build the finest fishing rods available on the market. Jon and his wife Heather moved to Omaha, NE just as the Yerger family was rolling in to town. They met in person later that summer and have been taking CCR® and custom rod building to the next level ever since. Jon serves as the Cajun Custom Rods® Director of Operations. He is a certified custom fishing rod builder.

Phone: (904) 800-1515

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