Let Us Help You Custom-Design Your Private Label Fishing Rods

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Turn your group into a team, elevate your gathering to an event, or make your special business … well, exceptional. Whether its your original fishing rod design or your fishing rod that we help you design … at the end of the day, Cajun Custom Rods® is prepared to help you bring your fishing rod manufacture and production dreams to life!

At Cajun Custom Rods®, we understand your custom-designed Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) fishing rod order is one-of-a-kind. Nowhere else can you find the design resources, real people, and dependability that make your fishing rod line and creativity truly exceptional. Whether you’re seeking a handful of fishing rods, a few racks of fishing rods, or a store full of your Private Label fishing rod series … we’re ready to get started with your custom-designed OEM fishing rods and making your dreams come true!

Custom-designed Private Label/OEM Fishing Rod Ideas

  • Business Fishing Rods (corporations, LLC’s, partnerships)
  • Gifted fishing rods (family reunions, weddings, team events)
  • Fishing Industry fishing rods (tackle stores, product-matched)
  • Fishing and/or Bass Clubs, Tournaments, or Team Fishing Rods
  • Charitable Fishing Rod Offerings
  • New Fishing Rod Product/Market Launch

What Type of Private Label/OEM Fishing Rods We Manufacture

When it comes to your Private Label/OEM fishing rod designs, the sky’s the limit. Cajun Custom Rods® can build your freshwater, inshore, offshore, or hybrid fishing rods. If you can dream up a finished fishing rod idea or are simply seeking functional, we can build your Private Label fishing rod line to meet your style, your specifications, and your standards … your way.

How Can I Possibly Afford a Private Label Rod?

At Cajun Custom Rods®, we’re not here to gouge your wallet or that of your company’s to build your Private Label/OEM fishing rod. We want to earn your business and we want to earn your business at a fair price for the services and products you desire. We offer commitment, service, quality manufacture, and a finished custom-designed fishing rod product that we stand behind. So whether you choose to sell your Private Label fishing rods to your own customers or provide them as a gifts, Cajun Custom Rods® has your best interests and customer satisfaction in mind.

In essence, your rod design is priced according to a few key factors: rod components quality, quantity of rods to be manufactured, and complexity of your rod design. For instance, an order of a few fishing rods will cost more per fishing rod than a few hundred. In another example, an order of a few hundred fishing rods with titanium rod guides will cost more than the same number of fishing rods using stainless steel rod components. In summary, Cajun Custom Rods® will ensure that you know the exact cost of each and every rod component for your Private Label fishing rods so you can make an informed decision.


At Cajun Custom Rods®, the success of your rod design is critical and your satisfaction matters to us. When you trust Cajun Custom Rods® to build your fishing rods, we back your fishing rods, whether our name is on it or not … that’s our promise to our customers.

Why spend time dreaming about the reality we can help you build? There’s no better fishing rod in the world than the one you design and that’s where Cajun Custom Rods® can help you. “Design the Private Label fishing rod of your dreams and we’ll build your confidence!”

Custom Design Your Private Label / OEM Fishing Rod

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