Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping and Handling

International Purchases?

If you are an international customer, please contact Cajun Custom Rods® directly at:

We do not accept credit card purchases for ANY international purchase.

All international purchases from Cajun Custom Rods® will require:

1) receipt of invoice directly from Cajun Custom Rods® once you’ve finalized your rod design, and
2) Cajun Custom Rods® receipt of direct wire transfer.

Specific wire transfer instructions provided below for Western Union Wire Transfer:

For wire transfer, we will need to ensure that the information exchanged between Cajun Custom Rods® and the customer are exactly the same. This stated, the following information is required to complete the wire transfer:

1. Exact amount to be transferred (in United States dollars): daily exchange rates apply

2. Money Transfer Control Number (to be provided by your Western Union location): we will need this number in its entirety to be emailed from you directly following the wire transfer of the money to:

3. Recipient Information:
First name: to be provided via separate correspondence
Last Name: to be provided via separate correspondence
Street Address: 3500 Beachwood Ct. Suite 206
City: Jacksonville
State: Florida
Zip Code: 32224
Country: United States
Phone: 904-738-0301

4. Sender information:
First Name: your first name
Last Name: your last name
Street Address: your street address address
State: your state, province, or territory (as applicable)
Postal Code: your postal/zip code
Country: your country
Email: your email address
Phone: your phone number

5. Test Question: provide your test question here

6. Test Answer: provide the answer to your test question here

Once wire transfer funds are secured by Cajun Custom Rods®, Inc., we will notify immediately you via email.

Your rod components will be ordered the same day and your rods will be built on receipt of components. Cajun Custom Rods®, Inc. wlll keep you informed as to build status and progress untll your rods are completed and delivered.

Can I find additional tracking information about my rod once its been shipped??

As soon as your Cajun Custom Rod®/items are shipped you will receive an e-mail notification and a FEDEX tracking number so you can check the shipping status at any time. You can go to directly and enter your tracking number to view shipment status. If you have other questions about shipping, handling, or rates please contact us at:

When you ship my rod, will it be insured in case of damage enroute??

Every Cajun Custom Rods® is shipped with the actual declared value (i.e., the price of the finished rod). This declared value is automatically included when you select the shipping method or rate from the shipping drop down menu. This declared value ensures that your rod is insured from us to you … just in case the unexpected occurs.

Please understand that Cajun Custom Rods®, Inc. is not responsible for lost or damaged packages once shipped.

Cajun Custom Rods®, Inc. shall provide you with a FEDEX shipping and tracking number by which you can locate and track “real time” the Cajun Custom Rods® you ordered … from our shop directly to the final destination that you selected. In the event that an order is lost or worst case, damaged, the declared value (automatically included in your order) is how we are able to file the claim with FEDEX and ensure that we’re able to recoup the loss and ensure your Cajun Custom Rods® is “rebuilt” and shipped to you as soon as possible.

Cajun Custom Rods®, Inc. is not liable to conduct a rebuild for any reason for a lost or damaged Cajun Custom Rods® item (to include a custom fishing rod) once the rod has been shipped, until the rod claim for the lost or damaged item is satisfied and refunded in full.

What does it cost to ship my Cajun Custom Rods® to me??

At Cajun Custom Rods®, we use FEDEX for both domestic and international shipping and the shipping rates will vary pending the final destination, parcel weight/dimension, and method (or speed) of your required delivery. Once you decide to purchase a Cajun Custom Rods®, you’ll be directed to fill out your order form and your shipping charge is a flat-rate. The “flat-rate” shipping rate provided is a pre-calculated charge through our FEDEX shipping account and already include associated “shipping insurance” to ensure that your Cajun Custom Rods® is delivered expeditiously, and safely.  In addition, Cajun Custom Rods® charges a $10.00 (USD) handling fee for all rods which includes the cost of your rod shipping tube, packing materials, and similar associated costs to ensure your one-of-a-kind Cajun Custom Rods® arrives in your hands, exactly as ordered.

Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee

What is the Warranty and Terms of Agreement for a Cajun Custom Rods®??

The answer to these questions are detailed at the following links:

What is the Cajun Custom Rods® Personal Satisfaction Guarantee??

Cajun Custom Rods® warrants that its fishing rods and blanks are free from defects in material and craftsmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. Subject to the conditions and limitations set forth below, Cajun Custom Rods® will, at its option, either by repair or replace any part of its products that prove defective by reason of improper workmanship, materials, or defect.

The Cajun Custom Rods® “Satisfaction Guaranteed” warranty does not cover any damage to your received custom fishing rod from fire, intentional breakage, accident (such as a high-stick), abuse, misuse, natural disaster, repair, or modification to the original product.

The Cajun Custom Rods® “Satisfaction Guaranteed” warranty covers only repair or replacement for defective Cajun Custom Rods®. Cajun Custom Rods®, Inc. reserves the right to determine whether to repair or replace any Cajun Custom Rods® product covered by this warranty and the right to replace any discontinued models and/or fishing rod component with comparable models or parts as deemed necessary. Colors and rod components may vary between original and replacement parts.




At Cajun Custom Rods®, we believe in our products and prior to shipping your rod, each Cajun Custom Rod® enjoys a rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) regime to ensure that each rod is perfect.  If for some reason you receive your rod and are not 100% satisfied, immediately contact us and we’ll ensure that your concerns are addressed.

For whatever the reason, if your rod must be returned to Cajun Custom Rods®, please contact us first at:

Phone (US):(904)-738-0301 / (904)-419-RODS

We would ask that you give us the chance to “make it right” before immediately returning your rod.

What do I do if my rod breaks??

If your rod breaks for no apparent reason soon after purchase, it may be covered under our warranty provisions. If you have broken your rod through your own error or by accident, please contact Cajun Custom Rods® and we will assist you.  In every case, we will do our very best to ensure your satisfaction.  Note: Honesty & integrity mean everything.  Once we receive your rod, we will make an unbiased assessment as to “why the rod broke” and it generally takes us about 30 seconds once we see the rod.

In ANY case, 1) the entire rod, or as much of it as possible, MUST be returned to Cajun Custom Rods® and 2) your Warranty Return Form MUST be returned with your rod prior to any claims being recognized.

Cajun Custom Rods® is not responsible for ANY shipping charges incurred to WARRANTY your rod.

The Cajun Custom Rods® Warranty Return Form may be viewed/printed at:

Cajun Custom Rods® Warranty Return Form

Product Care

How should I travel with my Cajun Custom Rods®??

Always transport your rod in its Weezer Rod Sock™, inside a solid travel case, or boat locker.  When traveling, place your rods in its Weezer Rod Sock™ with additional padding around the tip, inside a hard case.  Vibration actually damages more rods than a sudden impact.  Your Weezer Rod Sock™ will help to dampen the vibrations, and the hard case makes both a convenient carrying tool and protects your rod against sudden impacts. Use your hard case and Weezer Rod Socks™ all the way to the river, lake, or boat.  More than one rod has been broken or had a guide bent while transiting from the car to the on the way to “that secret spot.”  It goes without saying; don’t use your rod in the place of a boat paddle, flagpole, or boat-poling stick.

What is the best way to take care of my Cajun Custom Rods®??

Like anything else you own, your custom crafted Cajun Custom Rods® rod will provide you with the longest possible enjoyment if it is properly cared for from the very beginning.  Here are a few suggestions for keeping your new purchase looking and performing at it’s best.

  1. Wash the rod down in warm water after the days use.  This is particularly important if you fish in saltwater.  Use a little soap and water and a soft brush or cloth to remove any “fish stuff” or salt.  The frame of any guide (aside from top of the line Titanium guides) may begin to rust over time if exposed to salt water and not properly cleaned after each use.
  2. Dry your rod completely.  Stand the rod up vertically (in a corner or against a wall) for a few hours to let the residual moisture dry and evaporate.  Keep the rod well supported during storage and keep in a cool, dry place.
  3. Remove the reel prior to storage as corrosion can build up on the reel feet under the hoods.
  4. Place your rod in its Weezer Rod Sock™ after its completely dry.  Don’t keep the rod in the bag if moisture is prevalent in your area as mold or mildew could occur.
Is there ever any maintenance that I should perform on my Cajun Custom Rods®??

Yes.  As with any piece of equipment, a general maintenance check should be performed every so often to identify any potential material condition issues.  Check the guides occasionally for signs of wear or dirt build-up and cracked or missing inserts, especially the rod tip.  Worn guides will cause the line to fray, leading to a broken line and a lost fish.  The easiest way to check for grooving or sharp edges is to run nylons through the guides (use an old pair guys).  If the nylons catch on the guide, its a sure sign of wear.

Where should I store my Cajun Custom Rods®??

After rinsing your rod down, provide ample time to allow your rod to completely dry.  Once dried, store your rods in its Weezer Rod Sock™ to keep dust and dirt out of your guides.  Stand the rod up vertically, keeping the rod well supported during storage and keep in a cool, dry place.  Keep your rod up and out of the reach of children and pets.  Dogs love to chew on cork, cats play with everything, and children (bless their hearts) destroy anything even remotely expensive.  You’d be amazed at how strong a 3 year old is when it comes to grasping a rod tip the wrong way … or how quickly your favorite Cajun Custom Rods® becomes King Arthur’s Excalibur sword for dueling.  Use care when placing or removing rods from storage compartments so as not to catch the guides on the way in or out.  Many a guide has been damaged or destroyed by carelessly placing and removing rods from storage compartments.

Protecting Against Damage to Your Cajun Custom Rod®

Can I use line ratings other than what is listed on my Cajun Custom Rods®??

All Cajun Custom Rods® display the line breaking strains recommended for the rods. Cajun Custom Rods®, Inc. does not warrant the rods if you use lines rated above the rods limits.

Is it dangerous to fish with my Cajun Custom Rods® in a thunderstorm??

Yes.  Put your rod away in a thunderstorm. Graphite is an excellent conductor of electricity, and the fish will still be there later. Plus, last thing you want is to be that guy … you know the one in the joke, “Question: What’s the difference between a fisherman in thunderstorm and a light bulb? Answer: Nothing … both get to be bright lights, except the fisherman only gets to do it once.”

Can my Cajun Custom Rods® epoxy crack??

Occasionally, small stress cracks may eventually develop in the finish near the ends of the guide feet.  This is due to the blank being much more flexible than the guide foot.  On every Cajun Custom Rods®, guide feet are ground to a shallow taper, thinned as much as possible, and polished in an effort to minimize this effect.  Multiple overwraps may be used in certain cases to minimize this effect as well.  However, in some cases, this phenomenon is virtually unavoidable.  Do not be alarmed if this should occur as it is mainly cosmetic and will not affect the rod’s performance.  Also, keeping a good coat of wax on the rod at all times will help to prevent water intrusion over time.  In the event that a crack occurs that is beyond your personal tolerance, please contact us and we’ll work with you to make it right.

Can the way I fish damage my Cajun Custom Rods®??

Absolutely.  Never wind your lure all the way to the rod tip.  By doing so, you’ll prevent damage to the rod tip.  Always use your rod hook keepers to stow lures when not in use.  If a guide is used, there exists possibility that the metal on metal contact will scratch your rod guide insert and could lead to line fray and having to tell about “the one that got away.”

Only use your Cajun Custom Rods® with line and lures that fall within the limits specified by the blank manufacturer (labeled on the side of each rod).  Using heavier line and cranking down the drag may easily result in unexpected rod breakage, particularly with graphite rods that are less tolerant of abuse than fiberglass.

Remember, you designed your Cajun Custom Rods® … so take care of it and fish with it responsibly … then your Cajun Custom Rods® design will last you for a lifetime!

How should I retrieve my lure if I get it snagged??

When a lure gets snagged, line the rod up with the snag (front guide with rear guide) and pull directly back on the rod.

DO NOT LOAD YOUR ROD UP BY BENDING THE ROD, as this places the stress on the rod.  Point the tip of your rod towards the lure and pull using the line.  More times than not, the lure will come free.  On occasion, the hook(s) of the lure will bend releasing the lure … and sometimes the line will break.  However, this method will save you the heartache of breaking your rod over a losing a lure.  In any instance, if you use the rod as a winch to pull your lure free, you’ll most likely place your rod into a “HIGH-STICK” situation, which is NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY.

You want to place the stress on the reel and when retrieving that favorite lure. Worst case, your fishing line will break before your rod.  As much as I like repeat customers, I’m sure you would rather replace a $5 lure than your one-of-a-kind Cajun Custom Rods® .

What is high-sticking and can it damage my rod??

All rods, particularly graphite rods, are at risk of breakage if the rod is “high-sticked.”  High-sticking occurs when the tip of the rod is raised too high. Essentially, the weaker rod tip section bears too much of the load breaks.  Avoid High-Sticking at all costs as this is one of the most common causes of breakage and is 100% angler-caused.

About Your Cajun Custom Rods®

What is rod power??

Rod power is the amount of energy or force required making a rod blank bend. General rod power ratings are as follows:

  • Ultra-light
  • Light
  • Medium Light
  • Magnum Light
  • Magnum Medium
  • Medium
  • Medium Heavy
  • Heavy
  • Magnum Heavy
  • Extra Heavy
Do fishing rod aesthetics really matter??

Custom fishing rods are first and foremost yours. Beauty does not improve function, but does enhance pride of ownership.   The only person that counts and that needs to be pleased with the “look” of your Cajun Custom Rod® is you. Pride of ownership of a your custom fishing rod should be driven by performance and aesthetics and not by brand labels.

How long will it take to build my Cajun Custom Rod®??

At Cajun Custom Rods®, most rod orders are built within 8-12 days of your order and shipped directly following. Generally within the 14-15 day time frame from receipt of your CCR order, you’ll receive your rod.

Factors that could influence a delay in receiving your order include: rod component order back-log with a manufacturer (rare), selected shipping method, or selected shipping destination. Examples: 1) ground shipments take longer to deliver than overnight shipments or 2) a shipment overseas will take longer to reach its destination than a shipment within the continental United States.

Once your order is received, your rod components are collected and your rod assembly begins.  Cajun Custom Rods®, Inc. does not order prioritize your rod. When your order is received, we begin building your rod and maintain “rod focus” building your rod until your custom fishing rod is completed.

In the event that there is known delay, for ANY reason, we contact you immediately. Finally, you can expect Cajun Custom Rods® to contact you approximately 1-2 weeks after your rod arrives … just to be sure that everything is “spot on” and you are “100% satisfied.”

What is a custom fishing rod??

Unlike all the thousands of rods that are sold off the shelf, a custom rod is produced to your specifications. In simplest terms, this equates to “freedom of choice” in your fishing rod design. What makes a “custom fishing rod” truly custom is the level of detail, care, attention, and most importantly … balancing and tuning … that is performed on your “one-of-a-kind” fishing rod.  Make no mistake, what you’ve fished in the past (i.e., an “off-the-shelf” rod) and a Cajun Custom Rod® … there is no comparison – a CCR custom fishing rod is handcrafted to fit you and your angling requirements.

Why should I buy a Cajun Custom Rod®??

The casual angler will probably get along just fine with production fishing rods. The more serious the angler becomes about the art of fishing, the more demanding and targeted his or her needs become in terms of equipment and performance. The serious angler will appreciate the benefits of a custom crafted fishing rod for its optimum performance, targeted action for specific needs, superior construction, durability, and aesthetic appeal. These are the reasons I started building my own rods and the reasons why custom fishing rods are becoming more and more popular. There is no better gift for the avid angler than a Cajun Custom Rod®.

What is the quality of a custom fishing rod versus an that of an off-the-shelf rod??

Quality is by far the biggest difference between a custom fishing rod and an “off the shelf fishing rod.” A company that mass-produces fishing rods needs to create the largest profit margin on each rod possible. In order to do that, some shortcuts are necessary. Blanks and guides are not tested on each blank to determine the optimum positioning (nor can they mate a particular reel and line combination to them); instead, an average spacing is determined despite the fact that no two rods (even within a production run) are exactly the same.  Each custom rod we build is both static (for stress distribution) and dynamically (for best casting performance) tested.

Some (not all) manufacturers also cut corners on components. Smaller and fewer numbers of guides are often used on rods to save a few cents. A two-cent savings on each rod adds up over a production run.  Others use components that may look like their name-brand counterparts, but are of considerably less quality. You always know what we’re putting on your custom build rod, because you select the rod component (with specific description to include visual representation) before building your rod. And at Cajun Custom Rods®, the only rod components we offer are those premium components from leading rod component manufacturers.

The advantage to not working at a large company, is that our rod builder is actually assembling and crafting your and only your Cajun Custom Rod®, i.e., we build one rod at a time.  So, in this example, focus does equate to quality of construction.  Unlike the factory rod, a custom rod is built to accommodate your requirements and desires – your rod, your way.  See for yourself: Cajun Custom Rod® versus off-the-shelf.

A custom fishing rod says many things about its owner. It marks the person as an angler who takes his or her sport seriously. It also says that one places quality and craftsmanship at the top of their list and appreciates the best. A Cajun Custom Rod® is demonstrates pride of ownership for the individual angler.

Is a custom fishing rod more expensive than an off-the-shelf rod??

In most cases, a custom fishing rod will be slightly more expensive than an off-the-shelf rod.  However, a custom rod will likely exhibit superior construction, higher quality components, and can be customized to suit the most discriminating angler.  For the serious angler, the cost difference is likely to be a moot point.  In as much, Cajun Custom Rods® goes to extraordinary lengths to price our rods at a comparable market value so that folks can own their very own custom fishing rod as opposed to spending the same money on an “off the shelf rod.”  In fact, we challenge you to locate an “off-the-shelf” rod and compare that rod to your CCR design … you’ll soon discover that your Cajun Custom Rod® design is by far a premium fishing rod … and at significantly better value!

What is graphite??

Simply put, graphite is a carbon fiber material containing micro graphite crystals. When these crystals are combined with certain resins, epoxies, and other textile materials, they combine to produce the graphite filaments that are used in rod blank production.