Stacy Yerger


Being a part of the CCR® team means that you actually care about every custom fishing rod that is produced and shipped to our customers. We build each custom rod design as if it is our own, making it the best that it can be every time. Our customer service is truly unparalleled when compared to any other company I have interacted. Sometimes we will make repeated contacts with a buyer to ensure they are getting the right components for their performance rod design, or working out a color scheme perfectly, or simply calling our customers to check on their rod and satisfaction.

We go to great lengths, and love doing it, to make our customers feel appreciated and ensure they are truly happy and satisfied with the Cajun Custom Rod® they trusted us to build and ship to them. Having the quality contact time with each customer shows through when the final product is complete, shipped and received by the customer, there has not been a negative reply to a single rod that has gone out. In fact, the accolades have been overwhelming and I believe that the time we make with each individual customer directly correlates with the success of this company. We cannot thank our customers enough and look forward to making new friends and putting performance custom fishing rods in the hands of as many anglers as we can reach!

Custom designed … one at a time!

- Stacy Yerger, Cajun Custom Rods®