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CCR® now offers North Fork Composites rod blanks!

Well, you’ve been patient and we’ve been busy!  After a few traded emails with representatives from North Fork Composites, headed by the legendary rod-maker himself – Gary Loomis, Cajun Custom Rods® ordered a few of the NFC rod blanks to see for ourselves.  Cajun Custom Rods® received a few North Fork Composites rod blanks from our distributors and all we have to say is, “Wow!”  We’re impressed … so much that we immediately updated our Build A Rod page to include these fantastic state-of-the-art and innovative rod blanks.  Our expert certified rod-builder, Jaesen Yerger, says that the North Fork Composites rod blanks are some of the finest rod blanks he’s tested in the in the custom rod and sport fishing industry.  Yep, you heard it here first … these blanks are brimming with cutting edge design … just the type of high-end technology we seek out to ensure that you, our faithful customers, always have “Freedom of the choice” when it comes to having the the best fishing components and gear available … especially when it comes to designing your own custom fishing rod!

Cajun Custom Rods® is offering a full-line selection of north Fork Composites Rod blanks to include: NEXT SM, NEXT IM, and NEXT HM series rod blanks.  All North Fork Composites rod blanks are all available in “Raw Carbon.” In other words, no added “color” at all, just the pure, unadulterated beauty of graphite, sanded, but uncoated. NFC feels that this “non-finish” allows North Fork blanks to perform unencumbered, and express themselves as best as possible.

North Fork Composites - "Raw Carbon" ... natural ... powerful ... unencumbered.

North Fork Composites – “Raw Carbon” … natural … powerful … unencumbered.

Here’s an overview of each of the North Fork Composites rod blank series:


Standard Modulus Graphite

NFC’s “Next SM” (as in Next-Generation SM) blanks represent a standard base of 33-modulus material with a perfect balance of resin and scrim meticulously crafted into NFC core blank models. When you layout that first cast, you’ll have a smile on your face.

NFC Next IM Icon

Intermediate Modulus Graphite

You just can’t say “intermediate” without people thinking “average.” That’s okay, as long as average means, “a ten pound fish is about average for me.” The thing is, when you fish with a Next IM rod, a ten pound fish may become just an average fish for you. After all, NFC’s mid-modulus rod makes a darn fine tool for targeting your average trophy. Not that long ago, mid modulus was the “hot stuff.” All this made it difficult for NFC to figure out what to call Next IM, so just consider Next IM blanks high performance, without the high price.

NFC Next HM Icon

High Modulus Graphite

Next HM — The top of the line. With its Paper Carbon Scrim (PCS) and high-modulus fiber (just how high is NFC’s little secret), the Next HM graphite produces what is currently NFC’s lightest available blank. Sweet stuff!